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A Talk With Clouds

It was a bright sunny day

I hoped to find happiness

Along my wat

And promised to smile

To make my day worthwhile

Then the clouds took over the sky

Ovet vale,mountains and sea

I felt grief take over me

As I thought of electrocutions that will be caused

And the happiness of families wilk be paused

I asked the clouds,”Why do you do so?”

“After being cursed so much,why don’t you go?”

They replied with thunder in their voice,

“To some thunder is happiness,to some it’s noise”

“To like me or dislike me,it is all your choice”

“When I cause desteuction,I also cause rains”

“That ends dry speels and frees people of their pains”

I realized there is something good in everything

If they bring sadness,it is also happiness they bring


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