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Music In Lockdown

The question-“What is music for you?” fetches many answers all of them varying from each other. And I have never heard that anyone does not like music at all. Everyone hears music and almost everyday. Only the choices vary. Amid this coronavirus lockdown , music will prove rejuvenating if not even more.Creativity in the pure and undiluted form is the true definition of Music. Music is an important part of our life as it is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions. Emotions which we kept buried inside our hearts, which we do not tell anyone as we feel they might become worried, emotions which we do not express as we think that people might get hurt , all these feelings find a place to settle down after hearing just a few lines of your favourite song. Music speaks what cannot be expressed. It soothes the mind and heals the heart. It says things which words can’t. It is like a very addictive drug whose overdose induce symptoms like head bobbing,foot tapping and finger snapping. And for this drug overdose you do not need to consult a doctor. So, in this lockdown do not be bored and let music become a part of you.


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