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The Journal

“We set off in the silence of the morning.I was going to a music camp two miles from home. Music is my life and I am going to learn so many new things.” These were the first few lines of her new journal. The camp manager thought that it was very personal and gave it to her parents.

They continued reading-” We are learning a lot of new things here. Today they asked us to do an activity which was writing a an essay on our best friends. I am sticking a copy of it in my journal. Here it goes-

Most people would will write about their best friends at school. But, my best friends were my parents. I have adenocarcinoma and so my lungs suck at being lungs. So I have to always carry an oxygen tank with me. I have no friends as everyone thinks I am a weirdo. But, I never felt lonely or friendless as my parents were my greatest friends. Dad used to play with dolls even when he was bored. Mom used to pretend to lose in hide and seek when she could always see the trolley carrying my oxygen supply. We have our secret handshakes and inside jokes too. I hand found my mentors,parents and best friends all in the same people. They are god’s greatest gift to me”

Her parents’ hands trembled. The mother was already crying.The girl had died in her sleep. She sufficed to her cancer.


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