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April 1st

It was raining heavily that night. In my hurry to get inside the house, I did not notice the black car parked across the road. I realized something was wrong when I saw that the number plate was missing.

The windows were dewy and I had to wipe them with the back of my sleeve. I could make out a body slumped on the street. Surprisingly the door was unlocked. I opened it to see that it was my neighbour’s son Matt. “Matt, Matt ! Wake up! It’s me, Maude.” His eyes fluttered before he muttered, “Maude, you why are you here?” “I should be the one asking you this’, I replied. He studied in the same college as mine. My parents were out and would return day after tomorrow. I took him inside the house and asked him what had happened. He said,” I was in a party with my friends. Everything was merry before they tried to bully me. I am highly allergic to peanuts and they mixed them with my dessert. Something hit me hard and everything turned black. I woke up in the car then.” Before intervening with their lives, we should take you to the hospital as due to allergy your breathing might stop. It happened to me once and it was normal after I took an injection”,I said. “It does not affect me that badly”,he said. Without paying heed to him I started searching for cabs on my phone. Nothing was available. I was trying when he his breathing grew laboured and he said that he is having difficulty in breathing. I went outside frantically searching for the cab. Blast the rain! I turned around to see that he had fallen from the sofa. I went in and shook him but to no avail. He was not breathing. His parents were also not at home. I turned around thinking the worst when I heard someone laughing.

He was standing and laughing hard like a maniac. “Look at that bewildered look on your face”,he said. A glare from me made him understand that I wanted an explanation. “All this was planned. The car outside is my friend’s car. But,trust me I never thought that you would try the cabs. The rain just helped me”, he said.”Why did you play this cruel joke on me”, I asked. He simply said, “After all, it’s April 1st!”


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