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The Book Thief Relation..

The book which helped me the most in this lockdown is a book I have read several times. A book whose each and every page is memorised by me. Each character of that book is simple yet they deliever a very powerful message. A bestseller from Markus Zusak the name of the book is The Book Thief.

Many of you might have read the book and many might have not. Those who have read it would relate to this post much better than the ones who have not. The story is narrated by Death. Liesel the protagonist of the story,is a fighter at every stage of our life. Her brother dies in front of her in a train. Her mother is giving her to her foster parents who are a bunch of strangers for that unfortunate girl. She steals up a book during her brother’s funeral. It was a guide on how to conduct burial services. She could not read yet she learnt how to do so with the help of Hans her foster father and for her that book, a very melancholic book, became a medium to the outside world. Her home, Germany was struggling with the Nazis and World War 2. Her father is almost jobless and sometimes makes cigarettes for earning. Her mother washes clothes and this paves a way for her to steal another book. Her closest friend Rudy Steiner is a rebel both with and without a cause. He was so inspired by Jesse Owens that he put black paint on his face and ran about in a field. Times change and so does the situation. Yet,life continues for all these characters. There are other pivotal characters but these characters relate to me the most. Liesel then goes to collect clothes from people’s houses. Upon reaching the collector’s housr she finds that he has a large library. She steals a book the first time but the next time she js given a book by the collector’s wife. Due to the Fury’s order the Nazis need to burn all books but Liesel again steals a book. When the bombings start they need to stay locked in their basement and those books are her only connection to the outside world.

If all those people living there in a poor state locked down in the basement with stolen books can stay inside all day all night,why can’t we? Liesel had only stolen books and we have so many things-TV, smartphones and what not. Just because there it was a materialised weapon which they could see does not mean that coronavirus is not serious. Let us stay inside and help the world heal.


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      1. Oh yes! Even I’ve read that one. I like reading books related to the Holocaust.
        The recent one that I read was the Tattooist of Auschwitz.

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