Welcome to the society

We hope you enjoy your stay

You are free to be yourself

As long as it is in the right way

We would pity you if you lose

Ignore you when you win the crown

We would bully you for smiling

Then ask you why you frown

You have to believe what we say

Even if we call a day a night

You are free to have your own thoughts

If we deem it to be right

You have to abide by our rules

You can’t make up your own

If you don’t follow them, we promise

Pain will seep into your skin to your bone

Your clothing should be of our choice

It can’t be short,long,bright or dull

If you wear any of these

With insults we’ll grind your skull

You cannot be too happy

Nor can you be too sad

You have to be just the right mixture

Happy and a tinge of sad

There is one universal rule

Bind it with your sleeve

Once you enter the society, mind it

You can never ever leave

37 thoughts on “Society

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  1. Great writingโ€ฆ.
    Though itโ€™s possible to let loose oneself from the barrier of this shallow societyโ€ฆ.Just follow the heartโ€ฆBut true, youโ€™ve painted the the reality of this society

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