Eyes’ Camera

I was obsessed with picture perfect

And clicked pictures wherever I went

To show one and all

The beautiful moments I had spent

I had carried my camera with pride

A medal always in my hand

Filled with pictures of mountain mist

And cactus in dry sand

But when I recalled those scenes

I couldn’t remember what I had felt

Whether I saw the fog scatter

Or seen the ice melt

Those pictures had no feeling

They were just snapshots

Those memories I had forgotten

The thrill to my head had got

We often think that taking photos

Is the way to remember events

But they aren’t of any use

If emotions hadn’t been spent

We just keep clicking pictures

For a like, follow or two

But memories are made with feelings

And emotions all brewed

So I made a scrapbook in my head

With feelings and moments from past

Enjoyed the magical feeling

It always in my heart, caste

I clicked pictures but differently

With fondness and love

That made my eyes’ camera

Rise in admiration, above

Hidden Happiness

I got lost on the highway of happiness

Took a wrong turn on the road of regret

Stumbled upon so many memories

I had tried to forget

They threatened to grow on walls

Strong bundle of thorns

Mistakes I made throughout

Since a few days after being born

But, that’s when I saw

That it was all broken

And light entered through those cracks

There was so much hope unspoken

There were white flowers growing

Since the time I had been born

They were bravely nestled between

The bundle of thorns

Memories long forgotten

Hiding amidst mistakes

Happiness hiding between

The dark lakes

Sometimes in our lives

We fail to see those happy moments

We focus a lot on sad times

That makes them grow like exponents

As I stumbled again on the highway

I knew there was so much to learn

I felt proud, giddy and happy

That I made the wrong turn


Humanity isn’t a person

Humanity isn’t a race

Doesn’t depend on a individual

His qualifications or his face

Humanity isn’t a word

It isn’t engineered

One needs to develop it

But it regards some questions much feared

Will you give? Will you share?

Will you play the game fair?

Will you sacrifice? Will you go beyond and above?

And give everyone equal love?

We can answer these questions on our own

But while judging others

We’ll seek them in vain, alone


I have been all throughout the universe

Listening to nomadics, and then verses

The darkest of blacks, the whitest of whites

The worst wrong, the best right

You give me adjectives, good and bad

Justify yourself by saying I am sad

Well, I remain same and go on

Your state of mind changes, you become forlorn

And then you rain down your curses upon me

Asking one question that says, ” Why me?”

Well, I don’t punish you; more clearly I can’t

It’s a result of your actions; the water to your plant

I will just go on, teaching you lessons

But, your contribution to it won’t lessen

Your actions over me might be forgot

But immortal Time, I will not

You call me bitter; you call me sweet

You sometimes say that luck and me cheat

Well, you change me and not the otherwise

If you understand that, I’ll deem you wise

You take your pen and draw me out

Just do it wisely, so you don’t have to pout

I’ll keep changing like seasons

And you instead of working; blame me with reasons

Well I’ll just say that it’s all your choice

Whether you want to work harder; or make unnecessary noise

It’s not only you, there are many I think upon

But my life will just go on and on

Fake Friend

How can you say you know me

When you’ve only seen my skin

And not the untamed world

Hidden deep within

You bring treats when I lose

Act like you can’t see me sad

You think that I can’t see through you

That you’re actually glad

All you do is drain me

All you do is just take

At first I overlooked it

But now I know what’s at stake

You talk all the way along

And its always all about you

And when you realise that I don’t pay heed

Those fake rumours are spread too

When I am too angry

You blame for everything

Well, if you think my winter’s too cold

You don’t deserve my spring

An Eraser’s Thoughts

We erasers were one of those few stationery items that were taken for granted. In old times we only had that Natraj symbol symbol printed on us. Now we have so many kinds and colours. An eraser which cannot break, dustless eraser, eraser for markers, eraser for pens, behind the pencil eraser, eraser for mechanical pencil, this eraser that eraser…oof! Now you must hear those young girls, ” OMG! You have such a cute eraser. The colour and shape of it is sooo cute!” It takes almost all of my self control to not turn red over the blush peach colour of mine. Otherwise how will I receive more compliments?

You know what I noticed one more thing. These girls keep their old erasers for rubbing and the new blush peach ones remain as a show piece in their pencil bo..oh sorry…pouches. They don’t even take it out of their wrappers. And when they do they use it so carefully so as to not even have a smudge mark on it.

The boys have their own rules which is sometimes so relieving. Those factory people, while making us press us from all sides and there’s so much pressure inside. These good young boys drill holes in us and that relieves quite a lot of pressure. But the bad side remains. They play cricket with us!! And we are the balls! Sometimes I feel like landing hard on their heads. But being the kind creatures we are, we comply.

Even among all of this one thing makes us going that we sort of live the dream of others. Others wish that life had an eraser and we are living an eraser’s life..

Who’s the thief?(Conclusion)

Now we know that TK is a she. PS:Her identity will also be revealed now PPS: This story is quite short

All forces were quite puzzled when Seth permitted the infamous thief to leave. Seth looked quite puzzled and perplexed himself. The reason unknown. The next location was an antique exhibition where a buddha statue worth a million US dollars was kept.

TK was ready and entered on time. Disguised as a visitor. The statue was protected by laser beams which would raise an alarm. The statue was quite small. Hardly a foot.

The fire alarm was raised and the sprinklers began working. Thus was not fake. A curtain had caught fire which was spreading quite rapidly. The owner of the exhibition headed to the statue to grab it before leaving. A dart pricked his neck as he fell down. A subtle movement arround him. TK’s pocket held the buddha statue as she rushed out behaving as though very panicked. Everyone was out. TK’s black sedan left. Seth’s car followed. What now ensured was a terrific car chase as Seth cornered her car near the cliff. He pulled up a gun as he took off her face mask. “Officer Rylie, what a pleasure to meet you. Thought you were suffering from viral gastroenteritis.” “Stop acting sir. You saw me at the bank” ” May I officially ask why you were going around stealing things?” Officer Rylie replied quite hurriedly, ” All that I have stolen was black money. And all of it has gone to orphanages and old age homes. As a police officer, I couldn’t turn against mg seniors.” Saying so and giving a salute, she jumped off the cliff, into the river and took off her chartered plane waiting for her.

This was my first attempt at writing a suspense story in parts. Hope you all enjoyed TK’s story. Thank you for reading and have a good day.


They’re always gonna be with you

In the brightest of days

In the darkest of nights

You can carry them wherever you want to

They’d never question it

They’d never judge you

You may even have a favourite

But the other ones won’t ever mind

They’d be with you forever and ever

And love you the way you are

They’d agree to be your companions

Even at 4 am at night

They’d never act fake

And make you happy anytime

Would never ask for a price

You may sometimes read their ending by mistake

But they would still enthrall you from the beginning

The words would glow under the torch light at night

The old dusty smell will then kick in

The creases would come on the cover

But they won’t ever complain

A true friend is what they are

Who just ask you to read them

And then they go through an alluring journey

And stay with you forever


Who’s the thief? (Part 2)

The name of the next place was given by TK. It was a bank in Los Angeles. Wells Fargo Bank. Protected by a security group well known for not allowing thievery to happen, the bank was one of the largest in L.A. Stealing here would be an absolute challenege. Before going to TK, let’s go to Officer Rylie.

What we thought to be heatstoke was actually viral gastroenteritis. She had to be urgently admitted in a hospital. In her place came the no nonsense Officer Seth. He was now given the duty of being at Wells Fargo along with his forces.

This time TK failed to know the exact position of the forces and had to use disguise. TK disguised as an old blind man. He wanted to go into the locker in the bank to steal the diamonds worth almost 2 million US dollars.

TK entered the bank at around 1pm. The forces were all ready and most importantly they had been changed. TK entered and straight away bumped into Seth. He had started cursing before he realised that it was actually a blind man. TK then said, ” Could you please take me to the washroom?”. Seth complied. In went a blind man. Out came a bank attendant. I am leaving it up to you about what happened inside. TK then went upto the locker. He then saw that a customer was waiting to get inside the vault. The attendant who was supposed to do saw lay unconscious in another corner of the room. TK then escorted them inside the vault through the code which they had to give. He left the people to go their way and completed stealing those diamonds. He came back the same way he did for Penchanga Casino. Hope you do remember TK’s affinity to celings. He went out to see that the forces were facing their guns towards him. Suddenly, the sprinklers started working and a hooded TK was escaping when Seth managed to get the hood off. TK’s long tresses came in sight and also a diamond fell in front of Seth’s leg. He examined it before giving a command to his forces, “Let her go”

To be continued….

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A Tribute To My Favourite Actor

The world knows him through his movies and his fabulous acting. He started from absolutely nothing.

He was the youngest of all his siblings. The only son too. A bright student from the start, his AIEEE national rank was 7. He had got admission in Delhi Technological University. He never thought that he would come to Bollywood. His journey started when he joined Shiamak Davar’s dance class. After that, he joined Barry John’s acting class when he saw that his friends werw doing that too. He the realized that he could make a job in acting and dropped out of college. He then continued as a background dancer in many songs and movies. He was there in the song Dhoom Macahle from Dhoom 2 and even performed in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. He then left to join a theatre group from where he was selected by Balaji Telefilms from two daily soaps. The first one was Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil where his role was short as Preet Juneja. His character died in the show quite early. He was then picked up for Pavitra Rishta where he played the role of Manav Deshmukh. He became a household name with this show. Fame, money and recognition everything came to him very quickly but he left the show when it was at its peak. The reason as he said in an interview was that he wasn’t satisfied. Then came his bkg break in Kai Po Che as Ishaan Bhatt. From there, there was no looking back. He did totally different roles as Raghu Ram, Sarfaraz Yusuf, Byomkesh Bakshi, MS Dhoni, Mansoor Khan, Shiv, Lakhan and then Anni. Taught us equalith as Ishaan, innocence as Raghu Ram, respect as Sarfaraz Yusuf, wit as Byomkesh Bakshi, determination as MS Dhoni, fantasy as Shiv, kindness ad Mansoor Khan, rebel for a cause as Lakhan and hope as Anni. So many different characters and all were played artistically. Almost everyone knows him as an actor but there was so much more. He was so intelligent and genuine. If you hear his interviews you’d get to know how genuine, honest, talented and intellectual he was. His answers were just not literal but also logical. He wasn’t one of those actors who were active on social media like all the time, throwing and attending those so called big bollywood parties or one of those PDA ones. He just wanted people to know him through his work. His quotes too were so full of meaning and relateable too. A self made successful actor without anyone known from the industry, he was one of the very few.

Today, so many condolences are flowing towards him from all over the world. He wasn’t applauded this much when he was alive. Such a marvellous acting in MS Dhoni yet very few awards. An amazing and entertaining acting in Chhichhore but almost no nominations. Its sad to know that a person receives more flowers at his burial than when he was living. He was,is and will forever be my favourite actor. Rest in peace….

Who’s the thief? [Part 1]

“Yet another theft! We have been finding this thief for so many days but he/she just keep slipping away. And I don’t even understand where it dissapear after their deed. It’s always like they enter the place, dodge all our security, steal the item and then dissapear.” Officer Rylie was clearly frustrated and worried about this thief. Every Sunday there was a theft at some high profile place in the big city of L.A. that to in daylight. It started with the casinos, then jewellery exhibitions and now banks. The thief was a master planner and left almost no marks behind. Thievery was like his art. Never a mistake. Only a piece of paper was left which told about the next site of theft.

The next site was the largest casino in all of L.A. The Penchanga Casino. It was the most happening site in all of L.A. on a weekend. The richest of the rich people were there till 2 in the morning. Cheating was a second nature in that casino and nobody stopped it.

The police entered and their forces got distributed throughout the area. Officer Rylie excused herself to the washroom.

Now let’s come to the thief. Known in his world as The King. He was an artist. Or maybe even a she. Ok, so let’s call the thief TK. TK had entered the casino. Yet, he couldn’t be identified even by the most sort out detectives. Disguised as one of the servants, TK had made himself a fake id card and had registered his fingerprints too by hacking into their system through an inside partner. The Casino was fairly empty as it was only 10 in the morning. A few people were scattered here and there trying their lucks. The mystery to us was the way he dodged the forces. TK knew just the exact places where the police were posted. A dance had just started. The Casino stored all its money in a locker which could be accessed only by the manager and the chairman . You might think that TK will go and make the manager unconscious and then take his fingerprint on a screen like it happens in movies. But, if he did that he would have his fingerprints on the manager’s body. So, TK arose a runour among all servants that someone had accessed the vault. The rumour soon reached the manager and he headed for the vault. This was TK’s chance. Well, when you search for a person in a room, you don’t search the ceiling right? Yeah, you are thinking it right now. Camouflaged in the white ceiling by wearing the servant’s uniform which was white except for the waistcoat. The waistcoat could be opened. The manager completed his search and left. The door was locked. TK worked through the racks and left his note before disguising into an old garbage collector. The escape was tough. There was no window but an alarm which could be raised. He raised the alarm. The police all rushed into the main hall. Yes, he had hacked into their system right? The chairman headed to the vault for his regular check and while he searched. TK escaped with his loot.

Officer Rylie had got a heatstroke and thus was bleeding through the nose and was vomiting. Her forces were said to be extra alert as she took her time in the washroom. She came out to see the main hall in a buzz as the Chairman exclaimed, “I am done for!”

To be continued


Sometimes life is tricky

Sometimes things go wrong

Sometimes you feel out of place

Like you just don’t belong

Sometimes bad things happen

And things turn upside down

Sometimes things don’t turn out well

But the solution isn’t a frown

When your mind doesn’t stop worrying

And sleep doesn’t come at night

Don’t focus on the darkness

Step out into the light

Awful things just happen

But don’t let them consume

That just makes you sadder

And intensifies your gloom

These things will dissapear someday

And things will become alright

Then you’d finally realize

Negativity just isn’t right

~An Artist’s Creation~

A colour speactacle

The show begins at five

There’s no fees for this

For seeing this, hearts won’t strive

You just need to look up

To see the blue change to orange

While some places remain dark

Like the underside of a sporange

The artist works again

The orange turns to violet pink

A sight so beautiful

You just don’t want to blink

An ending yet beautiful

It lasts only a few minutes

But all it takes is patience

To pay, the next day, a visit


Many people came to me and said

“If you don’t change, you don’t grow”

But I just waved them away

For who were they who thought they know

Day by day the words entered me

With time the thought settled in

To let out all the feelings

The cold, hard world I hid within

Those words suddenly hit hard

The realization then crept in

Until a point came as such

Where I felt trapped in my own skin

Change is necessary, to know what you are

‘Cause if you are always showing

That you’re thorny outside

You will never be able to make out

The hidden rose inside

🌹🌹 Thank you for reading 🌹🌹

Dreams~An escape

Every morning with a smile on my face

I go out in the world to embrace

My life as it is without any filters

Which is rarely sweet and sometimes bitter

They keep judging me throughout the day

But with confidence; the smile shouldn’t sway

It remains in place till I come back

And finally that mask can crack

That cream and mantle comes apart

And with reality, now I can’t part

At night when sleep takes over me

My dreams then make me things see

It started with hopelessness

Then the problems start becoming less

Until there’s only hope in the pink sky

Full of love and happiness, “Oh my!”

That pink sky, the sky of dawn

The end of day, night starts on

That beautiful mixture of white and black

Covered in clouds from start to back

Its morning again, the cycle again starts

That smile and mask has to restart

Cinderella👠 #retelling (Poem Form)

Tis every kid’s favourite

A widely known fairy tale

Come with me, let me tell you

My version of this famous tale

Cindy was mopping the ground

With a stoic face, inside she frowned

While the ugly sisters hopped, happy and gay

Making the floor dirty all the way

That’s when the letter came

From the royal palace, much famed

An invitation to the royal ball

Where the prince’ll choose his bride, for once and all

Cindy lay rotting in the dark celler

While the sisters wore bangles from the bangle seller

Then the sisters went to the palace to greet

As mouse nibbled at Cindy’s feet

This is just so unfair

Cried poor Cindy mighty and fair

I need a dress blue and gay

Covered in sparkles all the way

A sword with a scabbard brand new

Covered in gemstones, a few

Silver slippers, two of those

And a nice pantyhose

Came the godmother, wicked her wand

And Cindy arrived at the ball so grand

The sisters inwardly cringed

To see Cindy with the prince

The clock struck 12, Cindy cried, “Heck”

I need to leave to save my neck

She ran away leaving behind her slipper

And the prince became its keeper

He then announced in a booming voice

The owner of this shoe is my choice

One of the sisters grew jealous

And did a deed which proved callous

She replaced the shoe with a clone

With one that she owned

The next day the town was searched

Spectators watched, even the birds that were perched

Finally they came to Cindy’s house

With the prince’s trial to find his spouse

The sister tried, the shoe it fit

In shock, on the ground, the prince did spit

A slash of his sword followed

And her head rolled down the road

The other one said,” Now I’ll try the shoe”

She lay dead too

Now Cindy came outside

Her sword explored the Prince’s inside

An undercover spy on the run

She killed the men who killed for fun

The sister’s death was justified too

For they had killed her Mother Number2

A Flicker of Sunlight

The world is in this state of healing

But my head just keeps on reeling

Everything seemed crashing down

And all I wanted to do was frown

There was nothing left to hear or say

With an empty mind on the swing I sway

Its day outside, but muddy and rainy

My insides too feel dark and slummy

A growing weed seems to eat me from inside

The rose planted inside me had died

But just then it stopped raining

I thought maybe the sky too was feigning

But the sky filled with white clouds

The sunlight adding to that crowd

The frolicking clouds in the ocean like sky

The mood of the weather now differed from mine

But only this sight gave me some hope

Like the clouds and sunlight with the rain could cope

With every problem, there’s this flicker of light

We just need to find it with all our might

Beauty and the Beast #retelling

A tradesman was travelling in a carriage, from his trade ship to his village. A rebellion had broken out in their usual route and so they had to travel by the Dark Hedges, the woods of Monastero infamous for its wolves. But, according to the driver the wolves hadn’t come out to the path in months.

They were travelling when some fearsome howls were heard and glistening eyes were seen. The driver started moving the carriage very fast. The tradesman was very scared and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the carriage jerked and stopped moving. He opened his eyes to see that the driver was missing and therw was blood all over his seat. He climed down and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He came across a dark castle and took shelter in it.

As he was exploring the castle, the owner of the castle turned up. The beast. Half animal and half human. He was angry as the tradesman had entered his castle witgout his permission. The tradesman pleaded to go home for one day when the beast asked him to stay here forever as his servant. He warned him to return tomorrow otherwise he would find him and punish him for not fulfilling his promise. The beast had a horse which could run faster than the wolves and any other animal. The tradesman promised to do so and returned to his daughters in his village.

The beast wasn’t evil just a victim of circumstances. His family, a noble one had killed the son of other rival noble when he was just nine. From then onwards he was cursed to live alone in this castle. He wouldn’t harm a hair on the tradesman’s head but threatened him so that he would come back. He just wanted someone to be here with whom he could talk and share his feelings which were locked away in his heart. He prayed for that man to return even though the chances were slim.

The tradesman returned and explained his situation to his three daughters Fiona, Sophie and Belle. Belle volunteered to go back instead of him. His father was relieved inside but showed concern on  the outside. He didn’t love Belle for she wasn’t his blood. Belle got ready for her journey.

The next day, Belle reached the castle and confronted the Beast. She then explained that she was the daughter of the tradesman whom he had captured yesterday. The beast was happy inside to have found company but kept a stoic face.

Every day he used to take Belle for a walk in his garden which had roses as red as blood. Belle loved those roses. He then took her to his library filled with books of all kinds. They used to sit there and read and then proceed to lunch. At evenings they were at tbe stables with the horses and rhen they had dinner. Belle then realized that the Beast wasn’t a beast at heart

After three days she asked him how he had ended yp like this. His name was Dominick. He shared his story with her. Belle now wanted to help Dominick. That same day she saw a very handskme man at the window twice. At night she went and confronted him. He claimed to be the son of her village’s head collector.She had never met the collector himself nevertheless his son. He said that he had found a way to cure the beast and nust needs entry to the castle tommorow. Belle was more than happy to comply.

They met silently for two nights to discuss how he would enter and Belle said that she would leave a window open. The man had an affable and genuine air about him and so Belle trusted him. When she asked about the cure, he said that it is it was shared with anyone else it won’t work.

The next day the man entered the castle silently when Belle and Dominick were having lunch. Dominick quickly spotted him and let out a gasp of surprise as two daggers pierced his and Belle’s heart. The man was the son of the noble who had been killed by Dominick’s family. Dominick would have been cured if anyone started liking him inspite of his ugly face which Belle already did.

Appearances can be deceiving , right?

Midnight Feast🍕🍟🍰🍩

When I hit my bed

I heard some words unsaid


Maybe I should

Opened the fridge door

My heart seemed to soar

Inside I saw some cheese

I felt the cool breeze

Besides cakes there were chocolates too

Milk,dark and some new

Sausages and smilies

Ate them at ease

My brother said,”Save some for me. Oh please!,

And serve them with mayonnaise.”

Chocolate ice cream

It feels like a dream

Chicken Roast

It’s better that toast

Chips and fish

Can there be a better wish?

Cheesy macaroni

Pizza with pepperoni

Bring water to my mouth

Without any doubt

Snow White  #retelling

Princess Blanche was still recovering from her father’s death when her stepmother usurped the throne of Belsden.  A beauty and a powerfull sorceress, Liviana, the new queen knew how to make people follow her commands. Many people supported Blanche but they kept quiet for those who dared to rebel were never seen again. All the guards and servants loyal to the King were either in the dungeons or had been taken care of.

Liviana was attached to a mirror which told her about the future. One day she saw that Blanche was sjtting on the throne of Belsden. She soon ordered her mkst trusted guard, Harris to kill her in her sleep and then throw her in the jungle to make it look like an animal attack. Blanche’s maid herd about this and informed her. She ran away from the palace and into the Cheshire Woods.

Liviana was angry that she could not kill Blanche but was relieved too for a girl alone couldn’t survive in the forest. But, Blanche was a clever girl and was going about and gathering nobles and dukes who supported her and wanted to dethrone the usurper queen.

Liviana got to know about Blanche’s plan and thus decided to call her back to the castle and make a negotiation so that the subjects are also satisfied. Blanche at that time was living in a small deserted cottage with some soldiers from the nobles who joined hands with her. Liviana tried to go thwre and make negotiations but from what people say Blanche refused.

Blanche did not want any bloodshed. She knew that an army of nobles would be enough for her stepmother to surrender.

That day soon came when Blanche was ready for rebellion. But, the queen was behaving very unusually. She wasn’t speaking and was crying on the throne. She tried to speak but nothing came out of her mouth. Surprisingly, Blanche took out a sword and killed Liviana. There was a pin drop silence. Wheb people actually realized what had happened they started praising their new queen. Blanche went and sat on the throne. As soon as she did, she started laughing like a maniac. Black air started coming out of her body and soon in front of them sat Liviana. When she had gone to negotiate she had spelled both of them to look like each other and so Blanche who was spelled to look like Liviana, was dead

The heroes don’t always win, do they?

Which Handbag?

Hilda Mond was admiring and looking at the handbags at a shop at Venice. Her husband was sitting beside her looking bored.” Which one do you think I should take?”, she asked. “I have really no idea. All the handbags look the same to me.” Hilda asked the price of the bags she had selected, one was blue and the other one was white. Both of them were worth five euros. Soon, they were coming out of the shop with the blue one. They had to board a train. 45 minutes were still left for the train to leave. The station was at walking distance from the shop. The train was there at the platform and they boarded it. 30 minutes were left. ” I have made the wrong choice. A blue bag goes with only a blue dress whereas a white bag goes with all dresses”, Hilda said. As her husband loved her very much, he volunteered to run back to the shop and exchange the bag. He ran to the shop. Only 20 minutes were left. He asked the attendant to exchange the bag for a white bag worth five euros. The one his wife was looking at a few minutes back. ” I can’t remember everything a customer sees. There are many white bags worth five euros. Take your pick”, the attendant said. He was very confused. He selected the bag. He was sure thag this was the right bag as he ran out hurriedly. Only 10 minutes were left. He ran past honking cars and heard a lot of curses from angry drivers. He made it to the train just in time. He boarded it and train left. He gave the paper bag containing the handbag to his wife. She took it out and exclaimed,”Oh dear! This isn’t the right bag.”

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The Frog Prince 🐸 #retelling

Celeste was engaged to the prince of Dermer, Aristole. His letters were so full of himself. She wouldn’t have ever gotten engaged to that egg head but he became her betrothed when she was only 5 and he 7. Being the eighth princess of Santelle she was naturally overlooked by the subjects. To garner attention she used to wear bold and ruffled dresses and acted to be stupid. But at night Aurora took over. A fierce and strong spy for the kingdom of Santelle.

Aristole always got frustrated when he received letters from his betrothed. They were just the female version of his own letters. She was clearly stupid. Yet, he told his mother that he would visit Santelle as a frog so that he could find out if this woman was worth a happily ever after. He would change back once he found out what he wished to know. A potion from the old witch and poof…he was a frog. He set off for his journey with his commander in chief.

Celeste was sitting by the castle pond with her magical golden ball. Many find her childish for this for they don’t know that the ball records sights when she plays with it. She was doing so when the ball fell into the dark and murky pond. She was frantic for that ball was really effective. Just then a frog fetched it out to her. The frog then said that he would give her back the ball if she agreed to let him stay near her all the time. She first thought that she was imagining things but later agreed and retrieved her ball.

The frog was a sweetheart and she had come to trust him. He made her laugh, complimented her and also listened to her when she wanted to talk about something. He was the first ever friend she had.

Night fell soon and Aurora took over. The frog remained perched on her shoulder as she had promised. That night she was talking to the king, her father about crushing a rebellion that was going to happen tomorrow. The king sent an army the next day but instead of rebels a letter was kept there which said that the rebels knew that the army would come here and so they never came to revolt here. Celeste was perplexed.

Aristole never imagined Celeste to be someone like Aurora. But, it actually made his job easier…

The next night Aurora discussed the relocation of the royal magical sapphire which remained hidden from the rest of the world. The next morning a letter from the King of Dermer arrived to the king which asked about the royal sapphire.

Night came too quickly. The frog was not in her room. She knew just what to do next. She saw the frog change into Aristole. Her suspicions were confirmed. A slash of her sword. She then told him that she caught him talking to his commander in chief about the sapphire which actually did not exist. His chief was dead and now so was he. The army was ready for an attack on Dermer.

Not every fairy tale ends in a happily ever after.

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