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The Frog Prince 🐸 #retelling

Celeste was engaged to the prince of Dermer, Aristole. His letters were so full of himself. She wouldn’t have ever gotten engaged to that egg head but he became her betrothed when she was only 5 and he 7. Being the eighth princess of Santelle she was naturally overlooked by the subjects. To garner attention she used to wear bold and ruffled dresses and acted to be stupid. But at night Aurora took over. A fierce and strong spy for the kingdom of Santelle.

Aristole always got frustrated when he received letters from his betrothed. They were just the female version of his own letters. She was clearly stupid. Yet, he told his mother that he would visit Santelle as a frog so that he could find out if this woman was worth a happily ever after. He would change back once he found out what he wished to know. A potion from the old witch and poof…he was a frog. He set off for his journey with his commander in chief.

Celeste was sitting by the castle pond with her magical golden ball. Many find her childish for this for they don’t know that the ball records sights when she plays with it. She was doing so when the ball fell into the dark and murky pond. She was frantic for that ball was really effective. Just then a frog fetched it out to her. The frog then said that he would give her back the ball if she agreed to let him stay near her all the time. She first thought that she was imagining things but later agreed and retrieved her ball.

The frog was a sweetheart and she had come to trust him. He made her laugh, complimented her and also listened to her when she wanted to talk about something. He was the first ever friend she had.

Night fell soon and Aurora took over. The frog remained perched on her shoulder as she had promised. That night she was talking to the king, her father about crushing a rebellion that was going to happen tomorrow. The king sent an army the next day but instead of rebels a letter was kept there which said that the rebels knew that the army would come here and so they never came to revolt here. Celeste was perplexed.

Aristole never imagined Celeste to be someone like Aurora. But, it actually made his job easier…

The next night Aurora discussed the relocation of the royal magical sapphire which remained hidden from the rest of the world. The next morning a letter from the King of Dermer arrived to the king which asked about the royal sapphire.

Night came too quickly. The frog was not in her room. She knew just what to do next. She saw the frog change into Aristole. Her suspicions were confirmed. A slash of her sword. She then told him that she caught him talking to his commander in chief about the sapphire which actually did not exist. His chief was dead and now so was he. The army was ready for an attack on Dermer.

Not every fairy tale ends in a happily ever after.


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  1. Ohhh a spy who dared to double cross her! A very refreshing fairy tale, Anisha. I loved it. Btw, you might have had such an inspiration to write it and maybe it’s because you were typing very fast but there are a lot of typos in there. You might want to go back and edit it. I hope you don’t mind me saying so.

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