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Beauty and the Beast #retelling

A tradesman was travelling in a carriage, from his trade ship to his village. A rebellion had broken out in their usual route and so they had to travel by the Dark Hedges, the woods of Monastero infamous for its wolves. But, according to the driver the wolves hadn’t come out to the path in months.

They were travelling when some fearsome howls were heard and glistening eyes were seen. The driver started moving the carriage very fast. The tradesman was very scared and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the carriage jerked and stopped moving. He opened his eyes to see that the driver was missing and therw was blood all over his seat. He climed down and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He came across a dark castle and took shelter in it.

As he was exploring the castle, the owner of the castle turned up. The beast. Half animal and half human. He was angry as the tradesman had entered his castle witgout his permission. The tradesman pleaded to go home for one day when the beast asked him to stay here forever as his servant. He warned him to return tomorrow otherwise he would find him and punish him for not fulfilling his promise. The beast had a horse which could run faster than the wolves and any other animal. The tradesman promised to do so and returned to his daughters in his village.

The beast wasn’t evil just a victim of circumstances. His family, a noble one had killed the son of other rival noble when he was just nine. From then onwards he was cursed to live alone in this castle. He wouldn’t harm a hair on the tradesman’s head but threatened him so that he would come back. He just wanted someone to be here with whom he could talk and share his feelings which were locked away in his heart. He prayed for that man to return even though the chances were slim.

The tradesman returned and explained his situation to his three daughters Fiona, Sophie and Belle. Belle volunteered to go back instead of him. His father was relieved inside but showed concern on  the outside. He didn’t love Belle for she wasn’t his blood. Belle got ready for her journey.

The next day, Belle reached the castle and confronted the Beast. She then explained that she was the daughter of the tradesman whom he had captured yesterday. The beast was happy inside to have found company but kept a stoic face.

Every day he used to take Belle for a walk in his garden which had roses as red as blood. Belle loved those roses. He then took her to his library filled with books of all kinds. They used to sit there and read and then proceed to lunch. At evenings they were at tbe stables with the horses and rhen they had dinner. Belle then realized that the Beast wasn’t a beast at heart

After three days she asked him how he had ended yp like this. His name was Dominick. He shared his story with her. Belle now wanted to help Dominick. That same day she saw a very handskme man at the window twice. At night she went and confronted him. He claimed to be the son of her village’s head collector.She had never met the collector himself nevertheless his son. He said that he had found a way to cure the beast and nust needs entry to the castle tommorow. Belle was more than happy to comply.

They met silently for two nights to discuss how he would enter and Belle said that she would leave a window open. The man had an affable and genuine air about him and so Belle trusted him. When she asked about the cure, he said that it is it was shared with anyone else it won’t work.

The next day the man entered the castle silently when Belle and Dominick were having lunch. Dominick quickly spotted him and let out a gasp of surprise as two daggers pierced his and Belle’s heart. The man was the son of the noble who had been killed by Dominick’s family. Dominick would have been cured if anyone started liking him inspite of his ugly face which Belle already did.

Appearances can be deceiving , right?


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      1. Ohh but she had to love him or like him truly and fully? That makes sense. Only I had read that the spell would be broken if someone liked him which Belle already did. Hency, my confusion.
        P.S: I hope you don’t mind the nitpicking πŸ˜…

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