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Cinderella๐Ÿ‘  #retelling (Poem Form)

Tis every kid’s favourite

A widely known fairy tale

Come with me, let me tell you

My version of this famous tale

Cindy was mopping the ground

With a stoic face, inside she frowned

While the ugly sisters hopped, happy and gay

Making the floor dirty all the way

That’s when the letter came

From the royal palace, much famed

An invitation to the royal ball

Where the prince’ll choose his bride, for once and all

Cindy lay rotting in the dark celler

While the sisters wore bangles from the bangle seller

Then the sisters went to the palace to greet

As mouse nibbled at Cindy’s feet

This is just so unfair

Cried poor Cindy mighty and fair

I need a dress blue and gay

Covered in sparkles all the way

A sword with a scabbard brand new

Covered in gemstones, a few

Silver slippers, two of those

And a nice pantyhose

Came the godmother, wicked her wand

And Cindy arrived at the ball so grand

The sisters inwardly cringed

To see Cindy with the prince

The clock struck 12, Cindy cried, “Heck”

I need to leave to save my neck

She ran away leaving behind her slipper

And the prince became its keeper

He then announced in a booming voice

The owner of this shoe is my choice

One of the sisters grew jealous

And did a deed which proved callous

She replaced the shoe with a clone

With one that she owned

The next day the town was searched

Spectators watched, even the birds that were perched

Finally they came to Cindy’s house

With the prince’s trial to find his spouse

The sister tried, the shoe it fit

In shock, on the ground, the prince did spit

A slash of his sword followed

And her head rolled down the road

The other one said,” Now I’ll try the shoe”

She lay dead too

Now Cindy came outside

Her sword explored the Prince’s inside

An undercover spy on the run

She killed the men who killed for fun

The sister’s death was justified too

For they had killed her Mother Number2


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  1. Oh. That’s a great re-telling, Akshita. I really liked it. And I have nominated you for a “10 of my favourite things” tag. Do check it out. I would love to read your list too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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