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Who’s the thief? [Part 1]

“Yet another theft! We have been finding this thief for so many days but he/she just keep slipping away. And I don’t even understand where it dissapear after their deed. It’s always like they enter the place, dodge all our security, steal the item and then dissapear.” Officer Rylie was clearly frustrated and worried about this thief. Every Sunday there was a theft at some high profile place in the big city of L.A. that to in daylight. It started with the casinos, then jewellery exhibitions and now banks. The thief was a master planner and left almost no marks behind. Thievery was like his art. Never a mistake. Only a piece of paper was left which told about the next site of theft.

The next site was the largest casino in all of L.A. The Penchanga Casino. It was the most happening site in all of L.A. on a weekend. The richest of the rich people were there till 2 in the morning. Cheating was a second nature in that casino and nobody stopped it.

The police entered and their forces got distributed throughout the area. Officer Rylie excused herself to the washroom.

Now let’s come to the thief. Known in his world as The King. He was an artist. Or maybe even a she. Ok, so let’s call the thief TK. TK had entered the casino. Yet, he couldn’t be identified even by the most sort out detectives. Disguised as one of the servants, TK had made himself a fake id card and had registered his fingerprints too by hacking into their system through an inside partner. The Casino was fairly empty as it was only 10 in the morning. A few people were scattered here and there trying their lucks. The mystery to us was the way he dodged the forces. TK knew just the exact places where the police were posted. A dance had just started. The Casino stored all its money in a locker which could be accessed only by the manager and the chairman . You might think that TK will go and make the manager unconscious and then take his fingerprint on a screen like it happens in movies. But, if he did that he would have his fingerprints on the manager’s body. So, TK arose a runour among all servants that someone had accessed the vault. The rumour soon reached the manager and he headed for the vault. This was TK’s chance. Well, when you search for a person in a room, you don’t search the ceiling right? Yeah, you are thinking it right now. Camouflaged in the white ceiling by wearing the servant’s uniform which was white except for the waistcoat. The waistcoat could be opened. The manager completed his search and left. The door was locked. TK worked through the racks and left his note before disguising into an old garbage collector. The escape was tough. There was no window but an alarm which could be raised. He raised the alarm. The police all rushed into the main hall. Yes, he had hacked into their system right? The chairman headed to the vault for his regular check and while he searched. TK escaped with his loot.

Officer Rylie had got a heatstroke and thus was bleeding through the nose and was vomiting. Her forces were said to be extra alert as she took her time in the washroom. She came out to see the main hall in a buzz as the Chairman exclaimed, “I am done for!”

To be continued


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