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A Tribute To My Favourite Actor

The world knows him through his movies and his fabulous acting. He started from absolutely nothing.

He was the youngest of all his siblings. The only son too. A bright student from the start, his AIEEE national rank was 7. He had got admission in Delhi Technological University. He never thought that he would come to Bollywood. His journey started when he joined Shiamak Davar’s dance class. After that, he joined Barry John’s acting class when he saw that his friends werw doing that too. He the realized that he could make a job in acting and dropped out of college. He then continued as a background dancer in many songs and movies. He was there in the song Dhoom Macahle from Dhoom 2 and even performed in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. He then left to join a theatre group from where he was selected by Balaji Telefilms from two daily soaps. The first one was Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil where his role was short as Preet Juneja. His character died in the show quite early. He was then picked up for Pavitra Rishta where he played the role of Manav Deshmukh. He became a household name with this show. Fame, money and recognition everything came to him very quickly but he left the show when it was at its peak. The reason as he said in an interview was that he wasn’t satisfied. Then came his bkg break in Kai Po Che as Ishaan Bhatt. From there, there was no looking back. He did totally different roles as Raghu Ram, Sarfaraz Yusuf, Byomkesh Bakshi, MS Dhoni, Mansoor Khan, Shiv, Lakhan and then Anni. Taught us equalith as Ishaan, innocence as Raghu Ram, respect as Sarfaraz Yusuf, wit as Byomkesh Bakshi, determination as MS Dhoni, fantasy as Shiv, kindness ad Mansoor Khan, rebel for a cause as Lakhan and hope as Anni. So many different characters and all were played artistically. Almost everyone knows him as an actor but there was so much more. He was so intelligent and genuine. If you hear his interviews you’d get to know how genuine, honest, talented and intellectual he was. His answers were just not literal but also logical. He wasn’t one of those actors who were active on social media like all the time, throwing and attending those so called big bollywood parties or one of those PDA ones. He just wanted people to know him through his work. His quotes too were so full of meaning and relateable too. A self made successful actor without anyone known from the industry, he was one of the very few.

Today, so many condolences are flowing towards him from all over the world. He wasn’t applauded this much when he was alive. Such a marvellous acting in MS Dhoni yet very few awards. An amazing and entertaining acting in Chhichhore but almost no nominations. Its sad to know that a person receives more flowers at his burial than when he was living. He was,is and will forever be my favourite actor. Rest in peace….


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  1. My heart feels with you Akshita. He was my favourite too. I love him still. He was a genius. I think he is perfect. He had a library, read books, was always humble and sweet to everyone. He was real.
    I still have not been able to get out of the shock. I hope he is in peace now.
    You have written an amazing post. Take care🙂

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  2. Extremely sad. You’ve written all that I wanted to say too. Everyone’s heart is aching because of this sudden and heartbreaking loss. Even I regret not watching MS Dhoni and a few more while he was alive. Miss him a lot. Stay strong

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  3. Beautifully written, Akshita. It’s heartbreaking indeed. Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude. It’s so sad that such a amazing human being is no more.

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  4. It’s very sad. He has gone too soon. I recently watched MS Dhoni. The only movie of him I watched till now. He was a self-made man. He struggled to get all that fame. I didn’t know that he also danced in Dhoom Machale and performed in Commonwealth games. When someone dies at a young age, I feel bad because he could have achieved more if he is alive.

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