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They’re always gonna be with you

In the brightest of days

In the darkest of nights

You can carry them wherever you want to

They’d never question it

They’d never judge you

You may even have a favourite

But the other ones won’t ever mind

They’d be with you forever and ever

And love you the way you are

They’d agree to be your companions

Even at 4 am at night

They’d never act fake

And make you happy anytime

Would never ask for a price

You may sometimes read their ending by mistake

But they would still enthrall you from the beginning

The words would glow under the torch light at night

The old dusty smell will then kick in

The creases would come on the cover

But they won’t ever complain

A true friend is what they are

Who just ask you to read them

And then they go through an alluring journey

And stay with you forever



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