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Who’s the thief? (Part 2)

The name of the next place was given by TK. It was a bank in Los Angeles. Wells Fargo Bank. Protected by a security group well known for not allowing thievery to happen, the bank was one of the largest in L.A. Stealing here would be an absolute challenege. Before going to TK, let’s go to Officer Rylie.

What we thought to be heatstoke was actually viral gastroenteritis. She had to be urgently admitted in a hospital. In her place came the no nonsense Officer Seth. He was now given the duty of being at Wells Fargo along with his forces.

This time TK failed to know the exact position of the forces and had to use disguise. TK disguised as an old blind man. He wanted to go into the locker in the bank to steal the diamonds worth almost 2 million US dollars.

TK entered the bank at around 1pm. The forces were all ready and most importantly they had been changed. TK entered and straight away bumped into Seth. He had started cursing before he realised that it was actually a blind man. TK then said, ” Could you please take me to the washroom?”. Seth complied. In went a blind man. Out came a bank attendant. I am leaving it up to you about what happened inside. TK then went upto the locker. He then saw that a customer was waiting to get inside the vault. The attendant who was supposed to do saw lay unconscious in another corner of the room. TK then escorted them inside the vault through the code which they had to give. He left the people to go their way and completed stealing those diamonds. He came back the same way he did for Penchanga Casino. Hope you do remember TK’s affinity to celings. He went out to see that the forces were facing their guns towards him. Suddenly, the sprinklers started working and a hooded TK was escaping when Seth managed to get the hood off. TK’s long tresses came in sight and also a diamond fell in front of Seth’s leg. He examined it before giving a command to his forces, “Let her go”

To be continued….

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  1. Did you really say Wells Fargo? Well when Warren Buffet would read this, he’ll definitely gonna sold out his whole investment from it like he done to sold out 5 airline companies stock when corona pandemic taken a shot at world!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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