An Eraser’s Thoughts

We erasers were one of those few stationery items that were taken for granted. In old times we only had that Natraj symbol symbol printed on us. Now we have so many kinds and colours. An eraser which cannot break, dustless eraser, eraser for markers, eraser for pens, behind the pencil eraser, eraser for mechanical pencil, this eraser that eraser…oof! Now you must hear those young girls, ” OMG! You have such a cute eraser. The colour and shape of it is sooo cute!” It takes almost all of my self control to not turn red over the blush peach colour of mine. Otherwise how will I receive more compliments?

You know what I noticed one more thing. These girls keep their old erasers for rubbing and the new blush peach ones remain as a show piece in their pencil bo..oh sorry…pouches. They don’t even take it out of their wrappers. And when they do they use it so carefully so as to not even have a smudge mark on it.

The boys have their own rules which is sometimes so relieving. Those factory people, while making us press us from all sides and there’s so much pressure inside. These good young boys drill holes in us and that relieves quite a lot of pressure. But the bad side remains. They play cricket with us!! And we are the balls! Sometimes I feel like landing hard on their heads. But being the kind creatures we are, we comply.

Even among all of this one thing makes us going that we sort of live the dream of others. Others wish that life had an eraser and we are living an eraser’s life..

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