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Fake Friend

How can you say you know me

When you’ve only seen my skin

And not the untamed world

Hidden deep within

You bring treats when I lose

Act like you can’t see me sad

You think that I can’t see through you

That you’re actually glad

All you do is drain me

All you do is just take

At first I overlooked it

But now I know what’s at stake

You talk all the way along

And its always all about you

And when you realise that I don’t pay heed

Those fake rumours are spread too

When I am too angry

You blame for everything

Well, if you think my winter’s too cold

You don’t deserve my spring


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  1. We meet fake friends at some point of our lives. They show that they care about you but thatโ€™s false. Actions should speak louder than words but with them itโ€™s vice versa. Itโ€™s a splendid poem and very relatable.๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’•

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