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I have been all throughout the universe

Listening to nomadics, and then verses

The darkest of blacks, the whitest of whites

The worst wrong, the best right

You give me adjectives, good and bad

Justify yourself by saying I am sad

Well, I remain same and go on

Your state of mind changes, you become forlorn

And then you rain down your curses upon me

Asking one question that says, ” Why me?”

Well, I don’t punish you; more clearly I can’t

It’s a result of your actions; the water to your plant

I will just go on, teaching you lessons

But, your contribution to it won’t lessen

Your actions over me might be forgot

But immortal Time, I will not

You call me bitter; you call me sweet

You sometimes say that luck and me cheat

Well, you change me and not the otherwise

If you understand that, I’ll deem you wise

You take your pen and draw me out

Just do it wisely, so you don’t have to pout

I’ll keep changing like seasons

And you instead of working; blame me with reasons

Well I’ll just say that it’s all your choice

Whether you want to work harder; or make unnecessary noise

It’s not only you, there are many I think upon

But my life will just go on and on


42 thoughts on “Time

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  1. Suppose we travel to a new destination, we feel much bored after a bit.. But when we follow the same path and return, we feel that it was just a small one..

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    1. Agreed. That’s the point I wanted to make. We can’t actually blame our ‘time’ for our loss. Thank you for reading and sharing your valuable views πŸ’


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