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Hidden Happiness

I got lost on the highway of happiness

Took a wrong turn on the road of regret

Stumbled upon so many memories

I had tried to forget

They threatened to grow on walls

Strong bundle of thorns

Mistakes I made throughout

Since a few days after being born

But, that’s when I saw

That it was all broken

And light entered through those cracks

There was so much hope unspoken

There were white flowers growing

Since the time I had been born

They were bravely nestled between

The bundle of thorns

Memories long forgotten

Hiding amidst mistakes

Happiness hiding between

The dark lakes

Sometimes in our lives

We fail to see those happy moments

We focus a lot on sad times

That makes them grow like exponents

As I stumbled again on the highway

I knew there was so much to learn

I felt proud, giddy and happy

That I made the wrong turn


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