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Eyes’ Camera

I was obsessed with picture perfect

And clicked pictures wherever I went

To show one and all

The beautiful moments I had spent

I had carried my camera with pride

A medal always in my hand

Filled with pictures of mountain mist

And cactus in dry sand

But when I recalled those scenes

I couldn’t remember what I had felt

Whether I saw the fog scatter

Or seen the ice melt

Those pictures had no feeling

They were just snapshots

Those memories I had forgotten

The thrill to my head had got

We often think that taking photos

Is the way to remember events

But they aren’t of any use

If emotions hadn’t been spent

We just keep clicking pictures

For a like, follow or two

But memories are made with feelings

And emotions all brewed

So I made a scrapbook in my head

With feelings and moments from past

Enjoyed the magical feeling

It always in my heart, caste

I clicked pictures but differently

With fondness and love

That made my eyes’ camera

Rise in admiration, above


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  1. This makes complete sense! So many people have this craze for attention, they forget to live in that moment. I wish our lives were as lively as we pretend to be in our pictures.

    This is really a good piece! Good job, Akshi.😊😊

    Liked by 2 people

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