Random Confusing Thoughts

1. What colour is nothing?

White: It is the absence of colour

Black: To see colour you need light. When there is no colour there is no light and only darkness that is black.

2. Is thumb a finger?

Yes: We have five fingers not four.

No: Thumb is shorter so it can’t be one

3. If you are sitting in a restaurant and your waiter is very late in serving food, are you the waiter? ( get the pun )

4. If you clean a vaccum cleaner, are you a vaccum cleaner?

5. Is hot dog a sandwich?

Yes: It has bread on two sides and meat in the middle.

No: If orange juice and litchi juice are two different things then they are also different.

6. Can vampires have hemophilia?

7. Does the crab cancer have cancer?

8. Are obtuse angles morosed?

Yes: ‘Cause they are never right

No: This is senseless

9. Does a mathematical plant have square roots?

10. What are math puns?

First sine of craziness??

This is called Lockdown Disorder. Symptoms include intense boredom, weird imaginations and these kind of thoughts. If you think you have it read my blog.😎

Dynamic Definitions-1



1. The most mistaken creature in the world. Treated like a child but expected to behave maturely.

2. A creature who works and runs faster than a cheetah when a chore is left and mom is about to return in 10 minutes.

3. A creature whose imagination shoots up to another level when he/she doesn’t know an answer in an exam.

Ode To A…

I give 
You take
Then buzz around
Act fake
You hide
I find you
You use me
I ado
I pity you
You take advantage
You disturb me
I somehow manage
Trust me though
You are one true friend
You come back all time
To our bond there's no end
Sometimes you are really annoying
Feels like you drink my blood
But in my life
You are one blooming bud
Whatever you do
I am gonna clap for you
We'll visit parks
And Poet Conferences too
Friendship day's around
And I dedicate
This poem to you
My dearest mate
You are a constant in my life
You don't have an ego
This is an ode to you
Oh mosquito!



When clouds came into her life

They covered her completely

Enclosed her in their dark coulours

She moved around discreetly

They would make the levels of her streams rise

And her flowers would be swept away

The shade and darkness would cover her

In the very brightest of days

Her sky would light up with lighting

It would shiver with thunder

It would cover up the sun

And the moonlight would grow asunder


When clouds come into her life

The fluffy white ones add to her stark blue sky

They add to the beauty

Around them chirpy birds fly

They showered her scented flowers

And made them look gay

They shaded her in the hot noons

Swept the hot sunlight away

On dark moonless nights

Lightning would help her see

Her laughs sounded like thunder

She finally felt free

She had finally decided that clouds

Didn’t come to usher rains or storms

But just to add a beautiful colour

To her sunset and sunrise sky; a norm

The clouds are based on your perspective

The view you see; whether dark or lit

They don’t decide how they look

‘Cause beauty resided in the eyes of the one who sees it..

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star🌠

Twinkle twinkle little star

” Is heaven really so far? “

“Up above the world so high”

That’s what I’d heard, *sigh*

”Here is heaven, here is hell

On this earth , not so far to tell

We make them ourselves here

With our deeds; nothing to fear

But sometimes good deeds come with hell

It’s just the starting of heaven; let me tell

And you won’t always be in either of two

‘Cause we all are in the middle; don’t ado”

I heard the stars and came back with a smile

To enjoy the time I have awhile

Most Hated Moments

There’s a list of moments

Which I hate with all my heart

But they happen all the time

Hit my heart like a dart

1. When I keep something in a safe place

And forget where the safe place is

Is there any moment when you want to tear your hair,

More than this?

2. Enter a room dodging high mountains and deep seas

And then forget why I entered

When the thought in my brain

For 5 minutes, was centered

3. When I cut an answer and change it

And the first one turns out to be correct

I feel like I’m stranded in an ocean

With a ship that is wrecked

4. When my best friend

Scores more than me

My soul feels empty

I feel no glee

5. When I wake up before my alarm and go to sleep

Only to wake up late

Oh the best feeling in the world

It’s just so great!

6. Realising between an argument that you are wrong

And having to decide whether to accept defeat or stand

And the other one keep rattling around

Then argues in a rap with a band

7. When I remember that I forgot something

After getting cosy in the couch

And that something was what you trained yourself to remember

Those moments hurt don’t they, ‘Ouch!’

8. When I am right about something

But have no proof

My mind swells with anger

Steam comes out of it , “POOF!”

9. When the wi fi goes off

At the time when the series is starting to be good

I wish to wreck the router

With a huge log of wood

10. When your younger sibling breaks a vase

And then cleverly puts the blame on you

You can’t even hit them then

For if you do that only god can save you!

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Words, what are they?

What does the word ‘word ‘ mean?

So fragile and gullible

Yet so powerful and poignant

They are so small, almost insignificant

Small amalgamations of letters,

Lying next to each other

Like sticks from that old rhyme

Yet those sticks, summon up thoughts

They sparked rebellions and democracies

A few words which were said

Killed a million people

Wiped out an entire race

They are given adjectives

But adjectives are given to nouns or pronouns

An animal, name, place or thing

Is a word any of these?

Can we place it under any of these categories?

What really are words?

~A Real Imagination~

I look beyond the lush green grass

The dew dripping from the leaves

The light morning sun spreading its warmth

And a soft, cool breeze

The smell of sweet flowers, flood my senses

Vulnerable yet pretty butterflies dance around

The ground, hard yet comforting

The whispering leaves make the best background

Everything just leaves you

There’s no detailed ananlyzing, everything is good and true

Nature soothes you, protects you in this open shell

And what’s the best, is the absence of you

The Voice

When I was feeling down

And could only frown

I heard a voice, no person I could see

The voice that gradually set me free

The clouds rained, the sky darkened

I knew it wasn’t a joking friend

The voice was real, it boomed aloud

Came from somewhere behind the cloud

“You can’t give me a name, for I have none

Your lessons have just begun

Everyone goes through hardships, so do you

Let me tell you, its nothing anew

You aren’t always punished for being bad

But also when you don’t stop being good; be glad

It isn’t always punishments, mind it

It can be anything, like regretting having quit

It can be indecisive decision, farther from the farthest

But sometimes the right thing is hardest

Just dare to let that hope blossom

Can’t promise it’ll be awesome

But that light will help you, in the abysmal abyss

And everything again would be near bliss”


Don’t trust the fake mirrors

You have a superpower;you’ll lose

If you believe you have none


Children say I hate tomatoes

Eat tomato sauce with zeal

She says gender equality

Then whines over reservations

He says I want to make a difference

Then spits in the road

They say I am not a faker

Then spends hours on a photoshop

They say we are gonna treat people nicely

Then troll people on Twitter

We say, ‘Honest is the best policy’

We all lie anyway

Aren’t we all hypocrites in some or the other way?

After all we live in a hypocrisy

Reply to Algebra

Read my post A Letter From Algebra if you have not👇. This is a reply to that.

A Letter From Algebra

Deer Algebra,

Don’t point it out. Its not a spelling mistake. Quite intentional. We were seriously not expecting your letter 10 minutes before the Maths exam. Now, we have one more reason to despise you. We were going through the important sums and then your letter comes. Of course, we were more interested and wasted those 10 minutes. You can very well understand what happened then.

Those what you listed were problems?! You probably don’t know the meaning of the word. What we wrote below are problematic situations :-

1. You finally are able to solve an algebraic problem and there are two values of x.😶

2. You get 3 different answers after solving 3 times.😑

3. The thoughts running through your mind when Maths teacher calls you on the board to solve a question 😫

4. When you confidently shout out the wrong answer in front of the whole class.😓

5. When maths teacher is your class teacher.😭

6. When 5 minutes are left for the exam and a 5 marks question is left. Can you even imagine the heart palapitations?😱

7. When a strict maths teacher invigilates your maths exam😳

These are problems. Can’t you keep x in control? We don’t have any interest in finding it. If you have so many problems( hope you too get the pun) then why disturb us students. Go to a psychiatrist. He/she will be able to help you better. And can you please tell us where is X land, Mathonovia. For all we know you might be a pirate taking our help to find a X.🤷‍♀️

Therefore we request you to please leave maths. Maths was so much better without you. Yes, you can befriend the toppers. But we average students cannot handle that amount of IQ. 😔 Hope you now understand what we face.

Your forced practicer,

Average Students.

Sent from: Exam halls all around the world.


You never I said I’m leaving

Never said goodbye

You were gone before I knew it

And I don’t even understand why

There’s an empty space

Where you used to stay

A void in my heart

That won’t go away

I look at things in the kitchen

And a pang of sadness strikes

I never thanked you

For all that about you I like

I took you for granted

Thought you’d always be there with me

I miss you so dearly now

Even midnight feasts don’t give me glee

You’ve made me hate a virus

That makes us stay inside, boo hoo!

I want to come to you but can’t

Oh pizza I miss you!🍕

If Your Heart Was A Person

She was with me like a shadow

Followed me everywhere

She was invisible to everyone

Totally extraordinaire

When I would sleep

She would keep working

When I would get hurt

She would feel a sting

When I went for an exam

She wouldn’t stop trembling

When I went to get my result

She was profusely sweating

When someone would scold me

She’d walk around with broken bones

When I was hungry

She encouraged me

To eat hot scones

When I’d run around for a mile

She’d fall down panting

When someone would anger me

She wouldn’t stop cursing

When I was getting ready for a party

She was jumping all around

When I won a competition

She couldn’t keep her feet on the ground

I was loving her the way she was

So much like me

But then my alarm clock rang

And the beautiful dream had to flee

Thoughts During An Exam😂

1. I can’t find my seat. This must be a sign. Now now everyone is looking at me.

2. We were never taught this. I am fighting a lost battle here.

3. I only have 12 pens. What if all of them run out?

4. I’ll skip this question. Oh and this one and this one..

5. What is everybody writing about? I am the only one who’s gonna fail .

6. *notices best friend taking extra sheets* *brain starts singing-Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody for my own*

7. Answers to my brain- ” I said I won’t come and I totally mean it”

8. “This must be a trick question. I am just wondering why its written in Hebrew”

9. “Man I’m tired” Looks at the clock. “An hour must have passed. What its been only 30 mins?! I should file a case..

10. *thinking about an answer* * brain- I am in love with the shape of you..*

11. Ten minutes left. Why does everyone write so slow?

12. Remembers the correct answer after submitting the paper

Important note- The people who say that they had these thoughts usually get the best marks🙄

Hope you enjoyed reading it the way I enjoyed writing this. Do you agree with me?

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