Thoughts During An Exam😂

1. I can’t find my seat. This must be a sign. Now now everyone is looking at me.

2. We were never taught this. I am fighting a lost battle here.

3. I only have 12 pens. What if all of them run out?

4. I’ll skip this question. Oh and this one and this one..

5. What is everybody writing about? I am the only one who’s gonna fail .

6. *notices best friend taking extra sheets* *brain starts singing-Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody for my own*

7. Answers to my brain- ” I said I won’t come and I totally mean it”

8. “This must be a trick question. I am just wondering why its written in Hebrew”

9. “Man I’m tired” Looks at the clock. “An hour must have passed. What its been only 30 mins?! I should file a case..

10. *thinking about an answer* * brain- I am in love with the shape of you..*

11. Ten minutes left. Why does everyone write so slow?

12. Remembers the correct answer after submitting the paper

Important note- The people who say that they had these thoughts usually get the best marks🙄

Hope you enjoyed reading it the way I enjoyed writing this. Do you agree with me?

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