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If Your Heart Was A Person

She was with me like a shadow

Followed me everywhere

She was invisible to everyone

Totally extraordinaire

When I would sleep

She would keep working

When I would get hurt

She would feel a sting

When I went for an exam

She wouldn’t stop trembling

When I went to get my result

She was profusely sweating

When someone would scold me

She’d walk around with broken bones

When I was hungry

She encouraged me

To eat hot scones

When I’d run around for a mile

She’d fall down panting

When someone would anger me

She wouldn’t stop cursing

When I was getting ready for a party

She was jumping all around

When I won a competition

She couldn’t keep her feet on the ground

I was loving her the way she was

So much like me

But then my alarm clock rang

And the beautiful dream had to flee


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