Reply to Algebra

Read my post A Letter From Algebra if you have not👇. This is a reply to that.

A Letter From Algebra

Deer Algebra,

Don’t point it out. Its not a spelling mistake. Quite intentional. We were seriously not expecting your letter 10 minutes before the Maths exam. Now, we have one more reason to despise you. We were going through the important sums and then your letter comes. Of course, we were more interested and wasted those 10 minutes. You can very well understand what happened then.

Those what you listed were problems?! You probably don’t know the meaning of the word. What we wrote below are problematic situations :-

1. You finally are able to solve an algebraic problem and there are two values of x.😶

2. You get 3 different answers after solving 3 times.😑

3. The thoughts running through your mind when Maths teacher calls you on the board to solve a question 😫

4. When you confidently shout out the wrong answer in front of the whole class.😓

5. When maths teacher is your class teacher.😭

6. When 5 minutes are left for the exam and a 5 marks question is left. Can you even imagine the heart palapitations?😱

7. When a strict maths teacher invigilates your maths exam😳

These are problems. Can’t you keep x in control? We don’t have any interest in finding it. If you have so many problems( hope you too get the pun) then why disturb us students. Go to a psychiatrist. He/she will be able to help you better. And can you please tell us where is X land, Mathonovia. For all we know you might be a pirate taking our help to find a X.🤷‍♀️

Therefore we request you to please leave maths. Maths was so much better without you. Yes, you can befriend the toppers. But we average students cannot handle that amount of IQ. 😔 Hope you now understand what we face.

Your forced practicer,

Average Students.

Sent from: Exam halls all around the world.

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