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Children say I hate tomatoes

Eat tomato sauce with zeal

She says gender equality

Then whines over reservations

He says I want to make a difference

Then spits in the road

They say I am not a faker

Then spends hours on a photoshop

They say we are gonna treat people nicely

Then troll people on Twitter

We say, ‘Honest is the best policy’

We all lie anyway

Aren’t we all hypocrites in some or the other way?

After all we live in a hypocrisy


59 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

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  1. Yes. Of course, even the best of us are all hypocrites, to varying degrees, which means we see what we want or are willing to see about ourselves. But there is a whole other class of people in my country now, who are not just self deluding, but other deluding. They are acting evil. They grasp control, and harm others, for themselves.
    I suspect the US in now a zero sum game, no matter how often it plays, there will be no real winners.
    Only losers

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    1. Indeed
      Those kind of people are spread everywhere. And of course we’ll only have losers
      Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your valuable views. I am glad you could resonate


  2. This unfortunately is true in many ways but it doesn’t have to be. Changes can happen one person at a time.

    Have a blessed day my friend and May it be full of love and honesty. You show them how it is done. Love ❤️ Joni

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