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The Voice

When I was feeling down

And could only frown

I heard a voice, no person I could see

The voice that gradually set me free

The clouds rained, the sky darkened

I knew it wasn’t a joking friend

The voice was real, it boomed aloud

Came from somewhere behind the cloud

“You can’t give me a name, for I have none

Your lessons have just begun

Everyone goes through hardships, so do you

Let me tell you, its nothing anew

You aren’t always punished for being bad

But also when you don’t stop being good; be glad

It isn’t always punishments, mind it

It can be anything, like regretting having quit

It can be indecisive decision, farther from the farthest

But sometimes the right thing is hardest

Just dare to let that hope blossom

Can’t promise it’ll be awesome

But that light will help you, in the abysmal abyss

And everything again would be near bliss”


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