Most Hated Moments

There’s a list of moments

Which I hate with all my heart

But they happen all the time

Hit my heart like a dart

1. When I keep something in a safe place

And forget where the safe place is

Is there any moment when you want to tear your hair,

More than this?

2. Enter a room dodging high mountains and deep seas

And then forget why I entered

When the thought in my brain

For 5 minutes, was centered

3. When I cut an answer and change it

And the first one turns out to be correct

I feel like I’m stranded in an ocean

With a ship that is wrecked

4. When my best friend

Scores more than me

My soul feels empty

I feel no glee

5. When I wake up before my alarm and go to sleep

Only to wake up late

Oh the best feeling in the world

It’s just so great!

6. Realising between an argument that you are wrong

And having to decide whether to accept defeat or stand

And the other one keep rattling around

Then argues in a rap with a band

7. When I remember that I forgot something

After getting cosy in the couch

And that something was what you trained yourself to remember

Those moments hurt don’t they, ‘Ouch!’

8. When I am right about something

But have no proof

My mind swells with anger

Steam comes out of it , “POOF!”

9. When the wi fi goes off

At the time when the series is starting to be good

I wish to wreck the router

With a huge log of wood

10. When your younger sibling breaks a vase

And then cleverly puts the blame on you

You can’t even hit them then

For if you do that only god can save you!

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