When clouds came into her life

They covered her completely

Enclosed her in their dark coulours

She moved around discreetly

They would make the levels of her streams rise

And her flowers would be swept away

The shade and darkness would cover her

In the very brightest of days

Her sky would light up with lighting

It would shiver with thunder

It would cover up the sun

And the moonlight would grow asunder


When clouds come into her life

The fluffy white ones add to her stark blue sky

They add to the beauty

Around them chirpy birds fly

They showered her scented flowers

And made them look gay

They shaded her in the hot noons

Swept the hot sunlight away

On dark moonless nights

Lightning would help her see

Her laughs sounded like thunder

She finally felt free

She had finally decided that clouds

Didn’t come to usher rains or storms

But just to add a beautiful colour

To her sunset and sunrise sky; a norm

The clouds are based on your perspective

The view you see; whether dark or lit

They don’t decide how they look

‘Cause beauty resided in the eyes of the one who sees it..

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