Random Confusing Thoughts

1. What colour is nothing?

White: It is the absence of colour

Black: To see colour you need light. When there is no colour there is no light and only darkness that is black.

2. Is thumb a finger?

Yes: We have five fingers not four.

No: Thumb is shorter so it can’t be one

3. If you are sitting in a restaurant and your waiter is very late in serving food, are you the waiter? ( get the pun )

4. If you clean a vaccum cleaner, are you a vaccum cleaner?

5. Is hot dog a sandwich?

Yes: It has bread on two sides and meat in the middle.

No: If orange juice and litchi juice are two different things then they are also different.

6. Can vampires have hemophilia?

7. Does the crab cancer have cancer?

8. Are obtuse angles morosed?

Yes: ‘Cause they are never right

No: This is senseless

9. Does a mathematical plant have square roots?

10. What are math puns?

First sine of craziness??

This is called Lockdown Disorder. Symptoms include intense boredom, weird imaginations and these kind of thoughts. If you think you have it read my blog.šŸ˜Ž

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