Twelve Dancing Princesses-3 #Retelling

She went to her mother, to ask why they were cursed

Her mother replied with lips pursed

Long back when the kingdom was ruled by your great grandfather,

Witches caused a great massacre

Fighting with them wasn’t helping,

A negotiation was made, that never nears an ending

Each night each daughter of ours would go for a tourney

Designed by witches, along with the head witch Ernie

How can it can be broken no one knows

It’s just passed down the generation after the wedding vows”

As you already know when the daughter is 12

She must bear the curse, it comes on her shelf”

Claire wasn’t the typical princess you know

She would break the curse, she took a vow

What she couldn’t understand was what the witches did gain

From their playing the tourney like a game

Yes, daughters could die but that’s so very rare

It wouldn’t fill all their stomachs, it’d be bare

There was something fishy in the whole of this

Like she had thought, something was amiss

It was night again, they had to go

Without knowing what awaited them, rain or snow

They crossed the lake, on the swans

And in front of them was a huge lawn

“You’d be given enchanted swords,

That straight away goes for a kill, neither accords

You have to fight each other till the time ends

You may as well recall all your friends”

Faces paled, hands shook

They gave each other pained looks

The time started, so did the swords

None of them could speak a word

The youngest one was the most scared

Claire headed there her sword could counterattack the sword which dared

To attack her most vulnerable sister

And make the deed very sinister

Swords clashed sisters injured each other

Claire was focused to not harm another

They not only had to protect themselves

But also not kill their own relatives

The time ended at last

But what injuries it had cast

Claire had a broken ankle

While one had scratches ample

Many had a deep gash

But thank god no casualties were caused

They returned, Claire was limping

Moreover with this she had to compete another night

I know it’s not fair, but it’s a curse right?

As she lay on her bed, a thought hit anew

How would she do it? What would she do?

Twelve Dancing Princesses-2 #Retelling

Part 2

Claire was shocked, surprised and confused

Even after this she was amused

She looked forward to complete the story

And return home with all her glory

They’ll have a tourney every night

Only those will be saved who have performed it right

Let me tell you, she was the eldest of the twelve

Taking care of our her younger sisters, was also on her shelf

The first night it was, they went to the sacred place

From where they were transported to the tourney’s place

And lo and behold! There were 12 giant swans

To take them across the lake where they’d be pawns

An announcement was made

The rules of that night it clearly displayed

It would be a treasure hunt, the first time

They’d have to find 12 worthy dimes

It sounds easy, ain’t I right?

But it isn’t what it seems, it’s quite a plight

They have to search in a castle, which is falling part by part

In a fixed time too (They clasp their heart)

Claire heads towards the staircase that takes them upstairs

When the 6th sister finds one behind a chair

The first step fell down, they’d have to jump now

And the 11th sister finds another beneath a bow

They jump up and just then it starts crumbling down

Moreover they are wearing heavy gowns

The 5th and 2nd sister find two on the railing

The others head up to search, paling

The pillars are crashing, they have to hurry

All of them start to worry

When a large portrait falls on the 12th  and 3rd sister’s arm

But behind it there are two dimes that save them from harm

The ones who have found them are transported back to the lake

And the others put their lives at stake

Everything around them was now falling down

Claire’s arm had been slashed with a sword, there fell down a crown

It contained their other dimes, they were relieved

This tourney’s challenge they had achieved

The returned to the palace, bruised and tired

Almost each one of them to their bed had retired

Claire wanted to know, why they had to do this

About this there was something amiss

Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling

Part 1:

Chloe was the typical teen you’d find

Clumsy, worried, a bit kind

Sailing through school somehow

Sitting in classes with a permanent frown

She busied herself in books

Didn’t care much about her looks

But, here’s a secret let me tell you

She’ll surely care very soon

One day, she went to separate old books

Quite some time it took

When, she suddenly stumbled upon one beside her bed

“Twelve Dancing Princesses”, the title read

She opened the book to see dainty gowns

And palaces and market towns

Her mother called her downstairs 

She stumbles, RIP, flat on her face

She wakes up on king size bed

With a large canopy, with flowers fed

She tried to wake up from her dream

But it wasn’t one, I swear on my esteem

“Lady, lady wake up now,

You had banged your head with a booming ‘OWWW’,

It’s been hours though, and you look fine,

Come down for dinner, its quesadilla and wine”

“Who are you”, confused Chloe asked

The other lady’s face masked

“Oh my, you banged your head quite bad,

You’ve forgot your lady’s maid, that’s sad”

That’s just when a regal looking lady entered

“Oh! The lump on your head is quite centred,

But don’t worry Claire you’ll be okay,

Mother will surely find a way”

“Who’s this Claire, who are you?”

“Oh my! You forgot your queen and mother too!”

Just then, Chloe saw an apparition

That gave her few serious instructions

“You ripped the page of a book, activated a curse

You are now in this story, that’s quite adverse

You need to complete it till the very end

But it’s not the original one, there are twists, turns and bends

You won’t dance, you’d fight for your life

You are one of those 12 now, you’re Claire in this life

Once you have done so, you’ll be free

To go back to your home with a lot of glee”



I seek calm in the foldings of rose

The feelings of relaxation, it does arose

The velvet like petal gives a sense of calm

The soft sleeping ground provides a balm

The sweet smell filles my senses

The soft colour gives pleasure, immense

I slide down on the carpet of pink

Of what lies below, I don’t think

It’s a rose; there’s a forewarn

Yet, there’s a prick; I have reached the thorns

Nothing’s completely golden, nothing’s completely dull

The chances of exceptions are null

It is neither bitter nor is it sweet

Everything’s simply bittersweet

So much for glory, so much for freedom

The soldiers lie weary and tired

Walk between bodies

As people sitting far away

First, glorified and admired

Then opponents attacked, bombs were dropped

Hospitals, schools became a pile of rumble

Trees fell down, wires were chopped

The sound of sirens ring in their ears

The deafening silence surrounds

The flying jets roar in the sky

As hearts are poked with spears

Innocent civillians suffer

But what good came of it?

Only leaders are praised, as earth gets damaged

And livelihoods become rougher

Time passes, horrific memories remain

At night they return, meddle with dreams

The war ends, the damge remains

So much for glory, so much for freedom

Dynamic Definitions-3

Best Friend


1. The person who has the same mental disorder as you.

2. The person with whom you can do all silly things which you are afraid to do in front of people.

3. The person you can get mad at for only 3 seconds for you suddenly remember you have something important to tell them.

4. The person who does not have a blood relation with you but protects you all the same.

What I say vs. What I think

What I say: “Yeah, I have seen that movie”

What I think: ” No I have not seen that movie and I won’t ever see it as it is quite crappy but I also don’t want to hear you explaining each and every scene of the movie for an hour “

What I say: “Hahaha what a joke! *laugh even more loudly* “

What I think: ” I didn’t get the joke..but I guess every one’s laughing so it must be a good one. Now now I don’t wanna seem like a fool right? “

What I say: ” Yes teacher, everything is crystal clear “

What I think: ” What are we learning? “

What I say: ” Yes, I won’t tell anybody “

What I think: ” I am just gonna tell 50 people. Surely that doesn’t count. “

What I say: ” Yeah I sent you the mail…yupp must be stuck in my outbox”

What I think: “Oh god oh god oh god”

Dynamic Definitions-2



1. The retards who would blare a horn in your ear when you demand silence.

2. The creature at whom you laugh when he/she gets beated by a parent even when you were sad 2 minutes ago.

3. A creature to whom you’d donate your kidney but not let him/her use ‘your’ things.

4. A person who’d annoy you, exasperate you and would call you an imbecile but would always support you.


In today’s world

People are obsessed with the way they look

Just to post those pictures

On Instagram and Facebook

Spending hours on those filters

Doesn’t prove a tiring task

Is it truly the first time,

We are wearing a mask?

Why look at the mirror and frown?

For a thing that can go asleep?

And that too in such a thing

That only shows what’s skin deep

An image is quite crucial

A matter of self pride

But so is what’s within us

Not just the outside

A man with dark tattoos

All over his body

Raised money for leukaemia

Not completely stud-dy?

A girl wearing ripped jeans

Gained organ donor rights

Not the way you thought of her,

I am sure I must be right!

You might not be pretty

People won’t deem you cutey

But what matters is what’s inside

A glowing inner beauty

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