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In today’s world

People are obsessed with the way they look

Just to post those pictures

On Instagram and Facebook

Spending hours on those filters

Doesn’t prove a tiring task

Is it truly the first time,

We are wearing a mask?

Why look at the mirror and frown?

For a thing that can go asleep?

And that too in such a thing

That only shows what’s skin deep

An image is quite crucial

A matter of self pride

But so is what’s within us

Not just the outside

A man with dark tattoos

All over his body

Raised money for leukaemia

Not completely stud-dy?

A girl wearing ripped jeans

Gained organ donor rights

Not the way you thought of her,

I am sure I must be right!

You might not be pretty

People won’t deem you cutey

But what matters is what’s inside

A glowing inner beauty


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  1. Smiles when Folks
    Spend More Focus
    On Themselves
    They are Less
    Likely to
    Actually Science
    Shows This is how
    Nature Regains
    Its Balance…
    The over
    Of The Rest of
    Nature Destroy
    It… If they
    Their Self..
    There is Less
    Opportunity to
    Consume the Rest…
    Nature Smiles this
    Way and Sees
    A Bigger
    With Every
    Human Selfie
    Consuming itself
    More than the Rest..
    Does This Lead to
    Human Misery
    And Suffering
    Yes and this
    Is Natureโ€™s
    Or Pay the Price๐ŸŒŠ

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      1. Thanks so
        Much for
        Your inspiring
        Words Changing
        Culture is Fascinating…
        Nature is Always
        A Bigger Picture
        Boss What
        i Live/Love
        to Call A Face
        Of โ€˜Godโ€™ Without
        โ€œMake-upโ€ Or other
        Human Filtering Tools๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. “Human selfie….or pay the price”
      These line are resonating in my mind. They ring so true. But, even after knowing this people don’t change their habit but change yhe thing according to their habit.

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      1. Fulfillment
        Springs From
        Purr of
        A Cat
        Of A Dogโ€™s Tail
        Understands Where
        โ€˜Godโ€™ Breathes and
        Sees.. Sadly Tools
        Humans Create From
        The Very First
        Written Words
        Us From
        Within As We
        Become The Tools…
        SMiLes FRiEnD A
        Golden Age For
        Is WHere
        Born Again
        Naked And
        Free With
        Smiles Together
        Breathing at Ease๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŒฒ

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  2. somehow related to tattoos, I used to not like people with tattoos all over for some reason. Stud-dy! ๐Ÿค”Never tried to friend them. Last year, my best friend got a few! I can never- dislike her.. itโ€™s whats within โค๏ธ
    very well written! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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