So much for glory, so much for freedom

The soldiers lie weary and tired

Walk between bodies

As people sitting far away

First, glorified and admired

Then opponents attacked, bombs were dropped

Hospitals, schools became a pile of rumble

Trees fell down, wires were chopped

The sound of sirens ring in their ears

The deafening silence surrounds

The flying jets roar in the sky

As hearts are poked with spears

Innocent civillians suffer

But what good came of it?

Only leaders are praised, as earth gets damaged

And livelihoods become rougher

Time passes, horrific memories remain

At night they return, meddle with dreams

The war ends, the damge remains

So much for glory, so much for freedom

62 thoughts on “So much for glory, so much for freedom

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  1. Hey aksh! Thanks a lot to fill my form. Aww you wanna comment? Sorry man not opening them anytime soon! But i know what we can do. I do that with all my favourite bloggers! You can bookmark this post! We can talk here. Save it. Then whenever you wanna talk to me you can just talk here β™₯️

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      1. Sorry, hadn’t seen the comment before.πŸ˜…
        In your articles, you state really good points so why not elaborate on them a bit. Like give your personal explanation on it and why you think thatbis how it should be. Like convince the reader.
        I am no expert…just felt this while reading
        Also, how’s life?

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      2. Hmmm you are right! I will definitely a 100 percent look into what you are saying!
        Life is meh πŸ™„boring as always!
        How bout you

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    1. Hey! Congratulations on 200!!🎊🎊🎊
      Many many manyyyy more to come your way!!! You sure do deserve this!

      And I was sooooo haapppyyy to see my name in your post! Thank you so much! You’re amazing! Keep shining like the gem you are✨β™₯️

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  2. Great poem and great truth. It is easy to forget about war taking place far away if you don’t think about it or see the damage done. I have met lots of veterans missing multiple limbs, and I have cared for the wounded in hospital beds. War did tremendous damage to my own father. Thank you for this great piece on war. Well done. Love to you and all your loved ones. β€οΈπŸ’•πŸ€—Joni

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  3. war is a terrible demon that unleashes itself upon the minds of humans before spilling out of them in metal bullets. beautiful poem, i loved this. the descriptions were lovely and vivid. kudos!

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