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Twelve Dancing Princesses-2 #Retelling

Part 2

Claire was shocked, surprised and confused

Even after this she was amused

She looked forward to complete the story

And return home with all her glory

They’ll have a tourney every night

Only those will be saved who have performed it right

Let me tell you, she was the eldest of the twelve

Taking care of our her younger sisters, was also on her shelf

The first night it was, they went to the sacred place

From where they were transported to the tourney’s place

And lo and behold! There were 12 giant swans

To take them across the lake where they’d be pawns

An announcement was made

The rules of that night it clearly displayed

It would be a treasure hunt, the first time

They’d have to find 12 worthy dimes

It sounds easy, ain’t I right?

But it isn’t what it seems, it’s quite a plight

They have to search in a castle, which is falling part by part

In a fixed time too (They clasp their heart)

Claire heads towards the staircase that takes them upstairs

When the 6th sister finds one behind a chair

The first step fell down, they’d have to jump now

And the 11th sister finds another beneath a bow

They jump up and just then it starts crumbling down

Moreover they are wearing heavy gowns

The 5th and 2nd sister find two on the railing

The others head up to search, paling

The pillars are crashing, they have to hurry

All of them start to worry

When a large portrait falls on the 12th  and 3rd sister’s arm

But behind it there are two dimes that save them from harm

The ones who have found them are transported back to the lake

And the others put their lives at stake

Everything around them was now falling down

Claire’s arm had been slashed with a sword, there fell down a crown

It contained their other dimes, they were relieved

This tourney’s challenge they had achieved

The returned to the palace, bruised and tired

Almost each one of them to their bed had retired

Claire wanted to know, why they had to do this

About this there was something amiss


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  1. whoooo, nice! i am LOVING this concept. the way you rhyme your words is commendable. looking forward to more!!!
    love always,

    Liked by 3 people

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