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Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-4

Thinking hard upon it, a thought struck her mind

It was in front of them, yet something they couldn’t find

The announcer’s voice was male, can’t be a witch

She had now finally found a glitch

The very moment the sun arose

She limped to the queen, with a rose

Offering it with a wish, she asked a question

That was the main point of this whole session

” Can witches mask their voice to that of a male? “

She shook with excitement, so did her ponytail

” No they can’t, however much they try”

” One piece found! ” , Claire cried

The whole day she devised a plan

To catch the one who disturbs her clan

That night when they crossed the lake

She limped along sparkling snow flakes

She headed alone in the ditection of the sound

Not knowing what will be found

The announcer started, ” It’ll snow today

Be careful, don’t go astray

You will have to find 12 gems in a lake

Which has freezing cold water, you’ll surely shake “

Before the announcer could declare it open

Claire pounced from behind, he was shaken

Stood before her a boy not more than her age

But she didn’t recognize him as a page

” Who are you? Where are you from?”

Her face looked murderous with a frown

“Don’t kill me, please, I’ll tell you all I know”

He said in a voice very low

” I am a servant from the kingdom Maguildy,

Please don’t punish me, I ain’t guilty

Why I have to do this, I can’t tell you but I mean no harm

On me has been placed a silencing charm”


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