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Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling Part-6(Conclusion)

Claire kidnapped Princess Gemma of Cahran

Renamed herself, to the princess’ clan

Claire Gemma now went to Maguildy

To find out who actually was guilty

She reached there, was taken to a room

A maid had just cleaned it with a broom

She then carefully laid out her plan

To catch the prince alone; it was spick and span

At night the prince visited the Royal Garden

She went there, donning the cardigan

She carried him along in a conversation

Till they were away from the guards

She took out her knife; held it at his throat

“What do you know about the 12 princess’ curse?”, she quoth

Startled, he took her to his chamber

And the discussion began; in a candle’s glimmer

She first revealed her real identity

Her voice carried quite some brevity

Then the prince gave the startling revealation

About their kingdom’s inclusion

” The witches want to conquer all kingdoms,

Sparing only ours, but we won’t have freedom

Upon you there is no curse

Its all a spell; his lips had pursed

We have the curse, to follow all their orders

That’s why are pages are beyond our borders

Each kingdom has a spell which appears to be a curse

To hide the hidden motive, which is worse

We would have attacked you when you were busy in this

For the witches then it’d all be bliss

But now you have come, we can defeat them together

You have helped us just by being thither

They can be defeated with a spell we’ve created

Which would work when someone from another kingdom joined us; Oh how much we waited”

They headed underground; broke open the door

And went inside the witches’ lair

They fired the spell

Received the witches counterspell

Just then Claire got an idea

She told the prince to hold as she rushed upstairs

Ran and brought a mirror, hurriedly jumped the stairs

She then held the mirror in front of them

The witches’ spells went back to them

When all the witches were incapacitated

They came out elated

Just then a cackling was heard behind Claire

Behind her was the head witch Ernie

“ You thought you’d escape from me, huh?”

She fired a spell at the prince, he fell down with a thud

Just then Claire felt as if she was binded with ropes

Just then the darkness enveloped

To be continued in the next story of the Fairy-tale # Retelling Series…


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