Mommy’s Dish

She cuts vegetables, swiftly with her knife

Grounds the spices to give them life

Puts the utensil on the gas stove

From the chopping board, gives the vegetables a shove

Adds a bit of oil to enrich the taste

And a bit of ginger-garlic paste

Puts in the spices that give the tempting aroma

Adds a bay leaf that beckons any soma

Goes in the essential salt

That is necessary to give your tastebuds a halt

But then she adds a special ingredient, without any doubt

That no recipe book will tell you about

It’s beautiful, mysterious and lies all above

She calls it ‘A pinch of love’

Rainy Ride

Blake was tired. It was a long day for him. Moreover, at 9pm his cab had broken down and he couldn’t find another one due to heavy rains. He was standing around to hitch a ride.

Having waited for around for an hour , he was getting impatient. Just then he saw a car approaching. Without waiting for permission he jumped in and that’s when he realised that no one was behind the wheel! Again the car lurched forward without a driver . Blake was sure that the ghost car would close up on him now. Imagine the scenario for poor Blake, night rains and a ghost car. He passed out on the car seat.

Two men sat down on their house’s front porch, dripping wet. That’s when they saw the hitchiker in their car. “Look, there’s the idiot who jumped inside our car when we were pushing it!”

My Hidden Soul

It was you
It was me
Underneath the stars and
Fireworks which bursted with glee
You said nothing
I believed everything
Words unspoken hanging in the air
Just the silence and nothing
In that one moment I actually felt
The feelings of you, when you stay
And it simply felt like
Nothing could be astray
That one moment
I found life
I found you
I found me

Conversation with my question paper

*teacher distributes the question paper* *I receive with trembling hands*

Question Paper: Hold me nicely. Why are you shaking me? I am already tolerating your sweaty palms, don’t test my patience.

Me: My heart isn’t in my control, okay? It’s your fault anyways. It’s because of you that I am scared of exams.

Question Paper: Exams, huh? When you have to study you are like, “Exams. Humph, why will they scare me? I will scare them.” Do you even know what they are?

Me: Exam is that phenomenon where a student goes through immense torture while yielding a pen and scribbling over a paper while an invigilator is watching and he/she does not allow one to open one’s mouth and socialize.

Question Paper: Bravo! Good job! If you would have learned refraction and reflection this way then you wouldn’t be in the position you currently are in.

Me: Why are you rubbing salt on my wound?

*Half an hour passes*

Question paper: Write something, write man. Half an hour has already gone. I know I am very beautiful but how much will you stare?

Me: I want to but am helpless. Why have you filled yourself with such hard questions?

Question Paper: 😡

Me: Sir, may I go to the washroom? *YES*

Question Paper: Leave me behind. Leave me ugghhh

*A few minutes later*

Question Paper: O, Michelangelo’s son. You don’t need to draw on me. Use these skills tomorrow in Biology exam.

Me: As if I am gonna pay heed to you. It gives me stress relief.

Question Paper: Stress, ha! Why did you not study then?

Me: I did. It is physics. Where did this maths come from?

Question Paper: 🤦‍♀️

*A few more minutes later*

Me: *crunches up the paper in anger*

Question Paper: Oww,aa. No one respects intelligent things. Don’t do this anymore. When you go home and dad asks about me and you give me to him in this state then you’ll get more visits from his shoes.

*Half an hour left for the exam to end*

Question Paper: Where is the answer script?

Me: Submitted.

Question Paper: Oh high and mighty one, turn me over…..


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I have left my chair, my house, my road

Slipped on a magic cloak

Drunk a magic potion

Felt the waves of the ocean

Cried for other people

Laughed with them

Fought with dragons

Stood as a bystander witnessing people’s lives

Heard a stranger’s(but not quite) voice

Wrote conspiracy theories to find the murderer

Touched the dew of the morning

Stood drenched in the stormy night

Visited a land of geometric shapes

Conversed with an old king and a princess

I came back to my chair

I had been absent, as always

Lost in bound pages which is lying on my lap


They won’t tell us about princesses

Who held swords and did win

Only about meek ones

Who considered fighting, a sin

It must be terrifying for them

To think of a Red Riding Hood

Who knew what she was doing when she let the wild in

So, let afraid be her mood

They changed her-story

Into a battle, quite gory

Where we’ll have brave,handsome(tired?) men

And this would be the new history

Dear ‘They’ I know you can

Muffle our voices on the outside

But how will you ever manage,

To completely extinguish the flame inside?


I can feel its cold stare

As I walk down the path

I can see the dark shadow

As it watches me with wrath

I can hear its footsteps

A shiver runs down my spine

It mumbles, it moans, walks more and groans

Shadowing its own shadow, it stealthily looks at mine

I want to run

A scream rises up my throat

But I am bound to the pace I am in

I am unable let the scream out

Suddenly, I hear nothing

No shadow in the night,starless

With the same suddenness something hits me

As I stumble into darkness

There wasn’t a single creature when the girl went missing

It wasn’t even night

It was four ‘o’ clock in the evening

But she is nowhere in sight

If there wasn’t an animal

Nor a man or a run-in

I can’t help but wonder

Was it the darkness within?

Some Days

Some days my thoughts run bold

Some days they turn cold

Some days my pen’s ink runs out

Some days it remains intact throughout

Some days the paper can’t hold words any more

Some days it sports a blank score

Some days my stationery in it’s place can’t be

Some days they stare and taunt me

I can’t decide whether its better to drown

Or die of thirst

Types of students in exams

1. The topper

They study 36 hours a day but say that they don’t know anything. Before entering the exam hall you’d find them saying something like, ” Oh my god! What will I do? I don’t know anything. I will fail.  Please help me. I didn’t study.  Oh god oh god oh god.” After this there might be two scenarios.  The first one goes like:  

*crying*                                                           Another student: ” Why are you crying?”                                                          Topper: ” I missed a half mark question. Now I will get only 99.5″😭     

The second goes like:

*resultday*                                                  Other students: “Who got the highest?”                                                        Topper: “Me obvio!”

2. The Gambler

They are the ones who do selective study and leave the rest to God.  Like if there are 5 chapters coming, they’ll learn 2 chapters and just one topic from the rest. You’d see them enyering the exam hall like a pro and saying their favourite quote, ” A piece of paper can’t decide your future.”

3. Religious one

They enter the room chanting some devotional mantra and praying more than what they did in their whole life.  For good measure they might also make a symbol of their God at the top of their answer scripts.

4. The OCD

These people have more coloured pens than the whole class. They are equipped with notes, mind maps, flowcharts and all those sort of things and everything is written in a different colour.

5. The Jay-Veeru Duo

They sit in classes together, study together, and Xerox each others answers too together. Thus the name.

6. The extra sheet takers

They probably write everything they know in every answer or write just anything to fill the paper like it shouldn’t go blank. They take 5 extra sheets when the other people take 1 or 2.

7. The one night before study-ers

Even if they study a bit each day the world rocking study happens a night before the exam. And if they don’t study before this then I guess I don’t have anything to say.🤷‍♀️

8. Honest guys

These are the people who seriously don’t know what they are doing with their lives. They attend classes because they know they have to and give exams for the same reason. Upon asking whether they studied or not they give an honest and blatant NO.

9. The chit hider

These are one of the most creative people in the class. The girls here let there nails grow and stick chits on their underside. The boys put the chits in their socks, in their pen caps, erasers or even in their hair. The visual is like:

10. The know-what-they-want guys

These people know exactly how much marks the need to pass and study exactly in the same meticulous way. Neither more nor less.

These were some type of students you will definitely find in exams.


Sitting on a swing, my mind wanders

Not to my worries, or the time I squandered

It calms down in an inexplicable stillness

Seeking solace in the tranquilness

It’s not silence, it’s just some things

The absence of oneself is what it often brings

The chirping of birds, the sound of crickets

The rustling of leaves in the thicket

The warmth of sunshine, falling on my face

I am smiling, my lips aren’t twisted in a grimace

My heart wasn’t black, it just lacked light

I came here to gain respite from the plight

I let it break, so that light could enter

It did and passes right through the centre

What amazing things I find here all time

And it doesn’t even cost a dime

Couldn’t you hear the music?;Touch their soft notes?

See the mirth they flashed? ; I couldn’t help but gloat

Nature always brought the most beautiful things

And it’s effect sure does cling

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