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Sitting on a swing, my mind wanders

Not to my worries, or the time I squandered

It calms down in an inexplicable stillness

Seeking solace in the tranquilness

It’s not silence, it’s just some things

The absence of oneself is what it often brings

The chirping of birds, the sound of crickets

The rustling of leaves in the thicket

The warmth of sunshine, falling on my face

I am smiling, my lips aren’t twisted in a grimace

My heart wasn’t black, it just lacked light

I came here to gain respite from the plight

I let it break, so that light could enter

It did and passes right through the centre

What amazing things I find here all time

And it doesn’t even cost a dime

Couldn’t you hear the music?;Touch their soft notes?

See the mirth they flashed? ; I couldn’t help but gloat

Nature always brought the most beautiful things

And it’s effect sure does cling


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