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Types of students in exams

1. The topper

They study 36 hours a day but say that they don’t know anything. Before entering the exam hall you’d find them saying something like, ” Oh my god! What will I do? I don’t know anything. I will fail.  Please help me. I didn’t study.  Oh god oh god oh god.” After this there might be two scenarios.  The first one goes like:  

*crying*                                                           Another student: ” Why are you crying?”                                                          Topper: ” I missed a half mark question. Now I will get only 99.5″😭     

The second goes like:

*resultday*                                                  Other students: “Who got the highest?”                                                        Topper: “Me obvio!”

2. The Gambler

They are the ones who do selective study and leave the rest to God.  Like if there are 5 chapters coming, they’ll learn 2 chapters and just one topic from the rest. You’d see them enyering the exam hall like a pro and saying their favourite quote, ” A piece of paper can’t decide your future.”

3. Religious one

They enter the room chanting some devotional mantra and praying more than what they did in their whole life.  For good measure they might also make a symbol of their God at the top of their answer scripts.

4. The OCD

These people have more coloured pens than the whole class. They are equipped with notes, mind maps, flowcharts and all those sort of things and everything is written in a different colour.

5. The Jay-Veeru Duo

They sit in classes together, study together, and Xerox each others answers too together. Thus the name.

6. The extra sheet takers

They probably write everything they know in every answer or write just anything to fill the paper like it shouldn’t go blank. They take 5 extra sheets when the other people take 1 or 2.

7. The one night before study-ers

Even if they study a bit each day the world rocking study happens a night before the exam. And if they don’t study before this then I guess I don’t have anything to say.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

8. Honest guys

These are the people who seriously don’t know what they are doing with their lives. They attend classes because they know they have to and give exams for the same reason. Upon asking whether they studied or not they give an honest and blatant NO.

9. The chit hider

These are one of the most creative people in the class. The girls here let there nails grow and stick chits on their underside. The boys put the chits in their socks, in their pen caps, erasers or even in their hair. The visual is like:

10. The know-what-they-want guys

These people know exactly how much marks the need to pass and study exactly in the same meticulous way. Neither more nor less.

These were some type of students you will definitely find in exams.


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  1. Gambler and Jay-Veeru duo πŸ˜‚. It’s so true. Actually, what I have observed is that most of the times, these gamblers get decent marks luckily. I somewhat fall in the one night before study-ers because I used to study regularly, but if I didn’t study one night before the exam, I would forget all the things. I amaze how students fill extra sheets because I couldn’t even fill the main sheet itself.

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