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Conversation with my question paper

*teacher distributes the question paper* *I receive with trembling hands*

Question Paper: Hold me nicely. Why are you shaking me? I am already tolerating your sweaty palms, don’t test my patience.

Me: My heart isn’t in my control, okay? It’s your fault anyways. It’s because of you that I am scared of exams.

Question Paper: Exams, huh? When you have to study you are like, “Exams. Humph, why will they scare me? I will scare them.” Do you even know what they are?

Me: Exam is that phenomenon where a student goes through immense torture while yielding a pen and scribbling over a paper while an invigilator is watching and he/she does not allow one to open one’s mouth and socialize.

Question Paper: Bravo! Good job! If you would have learned refraction and reflection this way then you wouldn’t be in the position you currently are in.

Me: Why are you rubbing salt on my wound?

*Half an hour passes*

Question paper: Write something, write man. Half an hour has already gone. I know I am very beautiful but how much will you stare?

Me: I want to but am helpless. Why have you filled yourself with such hard questions?

Question Paper: 😡

Me: Sir, may I go to the washroom? *YES*

Question Paper: Leave me behind. Leave me ugghhh

*A few minutes later*

Question Paper: O, Michelangelo’s son. You don’t need to draw on me. Use these skills tomorrow in Biology exam.

Me: As if I am gonna pay heed to you. It gives me stress relief.

Question Paper: Stress, ha! Why did you not study then?

Me: I did. It is physics. Where did this maths come from?

Question Paper: 🤦‍♀️

*A few more minutes later*

Me: *crunches up the paper in anger*

Question Paper: Oww,aa. No one respects intelligent things. Don’t do this anymore. When you go home and dad asks about me and you give me to him in this state then you’ll get more visits from his shoes.

*Half an hour left for the exam to end*

Question Paper: Where is the answer script?

Me: Submitted.

Question Paper: Oh high and mighty one, turn me over…..

Me: What was the need to have questions on both sides? Ugggh



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