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There was a funeral in my heart

There was a funeral in my heart

A burial in my brain

And I tell you for sure that very moment

Quite heavily it did rain

Where you would have said a soul exists

Now resides a grave

My insides are tearing them out

Outside I look brave

She lies there, inside the earth

Trying to tear her way out

I can hear her speaking

As she tries to talk me out

I want to do so

It’ll make things so easy

But then I remember

What made me so breezy

I remember her through hazy memories

As she tore herself apart

As she sulked around the house

How all the mess did start

Although, she is dead

I can feel as an emotion

I need to shut them down inside

To stop all the commotion

I can hear he speaking

“Happiness is an illusion”

But, now I want to try and live

That very illusion

I now know that I hear the grave speaking

And the grave isn’t me    


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