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Irony At Its Best

How do I mend a broken heart?

My world has simply fallen apart

Those were my thoughts when Rudy Steiner died,

For “The Book Thief”, buckets of tears I cried

I jumped in joy and laughed a lot

As the criminal, it punishment got

I cheered aloud for “Perry Mason”

As he came home from the station

I turned red with rage

When the police officer wasn’t put in a human cage

Brought forward the old scar

And protested along side Starr

I went inside a chocolate river

Even if I wasn’t a skilled swimmer

With Augustus Gloop I saw the pipe

And with Violet Beauregarde, tasted a berry ripe

I felt sad while hearing the tapes

On my eyes, my fingers I did drape

Felt terrified for Clay Jensen

Wished it was all a hallucination

Authors write and make us feel so many emotions

Ranging from terror, rage and feeling afraid

But, is there anyone who writes

About the author’s feelings unsaid?

Irony at its best


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