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Star Light

“Star light, so bright,

Clenching my eyes tight

I see your shine

Things feel fine

Wish I may, wish I might

That one day I shine so bright”

Those were the words, she uttered whenever she saw the stars at night. They glowed but not with anger or displeasure but with love. Love she never got, she never showed. People moved away whenever they saw her. Called her the murderer’s daughter. Her six year old mind did not understand that. Life was the same all the time for her on the lane. Sleeping on the road, eating whatever she found on the streets or whatever the rich brats threw down, watching the stars and singing and going off to sleep again.

No one knew this would be the last time she slept. The bitter cold nature had covered her in a white warm blanket, no one wanted to do that. Call it cruelty, shamelessness or foolishness. At least the plants withered around her.  It was a starless sky now. Everyone saw her body in pity. The murderer’s daughter lying frozen. No one knew that the star that glowed the next day sang,

“Now I shine, full of light

Brilliant white, full of might”


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