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My friend came to me. Distress was etched across her face. Sunken eyes, pinched face and hunched shoulders. An unhealthy aura of hopelessness around her. She told me that she is a dissapointment and can’t do a single work properly. That she is worthless. “We all have phases like this and just because we don’t have the solution to everything, does not make you worthless. You need not be strong all the time. And you are one of the mosting amazing people I know”, I said the words.(that I needed to hear myself) She smiled, some colour returned back to her cheeks.

It’s so easy to fix someone else. Why is it so hard to fix yourself?


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  1. Tell me about it. A very positive person also get sucked up into this sometimes. But we all need a good friend who can remind our worth to us sometimes. Glad she had you.
    And we are there for you….If no one told you this today…I am saying ‘You are ENOUGH’! (in every possible way).

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  2. EYeS in The Outside
    EYeS on The Inside
    See Beyond



    All Words

    Of Even Infinity

    Living Trees Roots
    Branches Leaves



    Out of Time

    Touch The




    The Free



    Within To See💫

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