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Tom and Jerry Science Laws

Tom and Jerry are our all time favourite cartoon characters. They also invented new science laws. Have a look:

1. Gravity doesn’t work unless you look down

Well, haven’t we all seen this?

2. The characters are explosive resistant!

Whenever a bomb goes off, the things around them are charred but they are not.

3. The characters can change into the shape of the object

Well, when they eat something they take their shape or even when they fall into it they take their shape..flexible cells!

4. Flat as a chappati if a car runs over

There’s no other damage to the characters except them getting flat. Again, a result of flexible tissues!

5. I can walk through snow and other mountains!

They can walk through anything, leaving their silhouettes

In spite of all this, we still love it.

Last one which is not a law:

Ever wondered how she looks?


42 thoughts on “Tom and Jerry Science Laws

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  1. The cartoon physics one applies to even the looney tunes, especially the coyote and roadrunner episodes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Ah yes, that’s one of the universe’s questions whose answer most of us are still searching for

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  2. β€œTom And



    Of Dark

    And Light



    GreaTesT Dark

    Still Reaching LiGHT



    A Cat

    A Mouse’s GameπŸ˜‰

    And Don’t Forget




    Mouse’s Treat

    Navigating A Cat



    Of A


    A Dish Still

    Left To Consume 🐁 🍦

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