A Birthday Present🎁

Stories, yours and mine
Came together, did greet
Just likes waves
In an ocean meet
I'll flow with you as well

As I have known you
I have known how to make
Life better in its own way
Add a cherry to its cake
I'll be there as well

I may not be very popular
And the whole world may not like me
But, I know you'll be there
In any situation, for me

Just want to let you know
You are enough for a 1000 friends

We are the twin stars
Of the same sky
So similar, yet strikingly different
Two wings, that help a flight
I'll share the same sky

We are the tires
Of a running car
We bump and break
But, thats how it remains unscarred
I'll make the journey smoother

Just want to let you know
You are enough for a 1000 friends

Happy Birthday BFF!🤗❤

Always remember you’re ethereal and ammmmaaajjjiiing!😍

The Divorce

A man in Phoenix calls his son and says,” Your mother and I are getting divorced. We are sick of each other and can’t stand each other.” “What are you saying? Wait, I am calling my sister!”, his son replied from Oxford.

“Father called me and said that they are getting divorced!”, he tells his sister on phone. ” They are not getting divorced. I am calling them right now.” “You people are not getting divorced! I am calling my brother back. We are coming tomorrow.”

The father hangs up, turns to his wife and says, “Ok, they are coming for Thanksgiving. What should we tell them for Christmas?”

Indian Mythology vs Science

Indian mythology is one of the oldest of the world. They are rich with culture and traditions which teach important lessons. But some people still question the actual existence of those stories and their characters and rightfully so. But,upon wondering I came with a few questions which I am unable to answer. And this concerns Indian mythology as well as The Brahmins of the Vedic Age..

1. Ramayana and Mahabharata are two great epics of India and these stories are seperated by eons of time. But, some characters are common in them. Hanuman, Parashuram and Vishnu’s Garuda. How did these characters live in both the epics? Coming to science vs mythology now. All these characters have one thing common in them which is that they can travel at the speed of thought. According to the Einstein’s theory of relativity- If anything travels faster than light then it observes time passing slower than it’s static counterparts. Does that mean that the Brahmins who wrote these epics knew about this theory before Einstein and so they incorporated these characters?

2. In the 16th century, Galileo said that the earth is round. These epics were written long before that and yet it talks about the Earth being a sphere and they talked about the navagraha or the nine planets. How did these authors know about this before the discovery of telescope?

3. The Sushruta Samhita a book written by the Vedic surgeon Sushruta talks about various surgeries including the cataract eye surgery very closely. How did they do it without anaesthesia?

Ponder on them and let me know.

Mirror ,Mirror Off The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall

Its time for you to leave the hall

I know my looks don’t matter at all

They can’t make me rise,can’t make me fall

And I am not afraid of what I see

‘Cause what you show me I know already

Whatever you show me is my damaged outside

I know my abilities, I know what’s inside

Why worry about something useless?

My looks can’t be changed neither more nor less

I will continue to enrich my soul

Work very hard and achieve my goal


Embrace the drops
That slide down your cheek
The mini waterfalls
That you think makes you weak
The pearl like dew
That moistens your lashes
The transparent, soft water
Upon falling down, gently splashes
Love the rain, let go of the pain
The pain that's slowly driving you insane
Close your eyes, and let the tears fall
That nectar can sweep the world and all
Those are tears not a sign
Of weakness, like you think
Just droplets that fall
When trouble sinks

Just like you laugh
When you can't hold
The exuberance inside
You cry, 'cause you can't control
The grief inside

So let them and wash and let go the pain
The pain that's slowly driving you insane
Embrace the mini drops
That are sliding down your cheek
Those mini waterfalls don't make you weak

A Comparison


Is like a kite

You never know how high you soar

Or whether you’ll fall down and be crushed with feet


Is like a raindrop

You never know whether you’ll reach the ground, your destination

Or mix with the other drops or the air


Is like a rose, tragicomic

Can’t complain about getting pricked

As without that, I can’t hold the rose


Is like a knot

Which may open and lose its identity

Or stay strong

Problems are always gonna come

Should I now just expect them?

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