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A Comparison


Is like a kite

You never know how high you soar

Or whether you’ll fall down and be crushed with feet


Is like a raindrop

You never know whether you’ll reach the ground, your destination

Or mix with the other drops or the air


Is like a rose, tragicomic

Can’t complain about getting pricked

As without that, I can’t hold the rose


Is like a knot

Which may open and lose its identity

Or stay strong

Problems are always gonna come

Should I now just expect them?


46 thoughts on “A Comparison

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  1. Loved it!! Beautiful poem ❣️
    I usually prefer poems and short articles over long essays here on WordPress. I feel like they say so much secretly yet leave something to our own imagination!
    This was one such piece ☺️
    Really felt good reading it!

    Tc and stay blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

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