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Indian Mythology vs Science

Indian mythology is one of the oldest of the world. They are rich with culture and traditions which teach important lessons. But some people still question the actual existence of those stories and their characters and rightfully so. But,upon wondering I came with a few questions which I am unable to answer. And this concerns Indian mythology as well as The Brahmins of the Vedic Age..

1. Ramayana and Mahabharata are two great epics of India and these stories are seperated by eons of time. But, some characters are common in them. Hanuman, Parashuram and Vishnu’s Garuda. How did these characters live in both the epics? Coming to science vs mythology now. All these characters have one thing common in them which is that they can travel at the speed of thought. According to the Einstein’s theory of relativity- If anything travels faster than light then it observes time passing slower than it’s static counterparts. Does that mean that the Brahmins who wrote these epics knew about this theory before Einstein and so they incorporated these characters?

2. In the 16th century, Galileo said that the earth is round. These epics were written long before that and yet it talks about the Earth being a sphere and they talked about the navagraha or the nine planets. How did these authors know about this before the discovery of telescope?

3. The Sushruta Samhita a book written by the Vedic surgeon Sushruta talks about various surgeries including the cataract eye surgery very closely. How did they do it without anaesthesia?

Ponder on them and let me know.


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  1. This intrigues me as well!

    Whatever I have learned about vedas and upanishads from my parents, one thing they always taught was the practice of meditation or dhyan. Just doing it for sometime won’t reap much benefits, but doing it consistently for a really really long time, would definitely do wonders. I have not been consistent in it, but even when I do it once or twice, the feeling afterwards is amazing! You are practically overflowing with ideas.

    And the reason I am saying all this is, meditating probably helped them to know about these things. This of course is just a speculation.

    I’ll keep pondering about it……

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    1. I know right!
      Meditation helps clear the clutter of thoughts. And sometimes even just lying with a blank mind helps a lot. You suddenly feel your mood uplift and an overflow of ideas.

      Thanks!! Long time no see

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      1. Perfectly worded!!

        Welcome Akshi!❤
        I have been absent for quite a long time….but I’m trying to be more active. Even if I don’t post, I’ll try to at least read and comment on others blogs…😅😊

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  2. Thought provoking article, Akshita. I’ve no answers but found it very interesting. Scientifically advanced past era lacks proper documentation to carry the results forward across generations. In addition, there comes the language barriers – difficult to decode Indian scripts. I guess these could be the reasons behind the unanswered questions about our scientific history.

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  4. Nice points there Akshita … about the second point, there are so many like this which is there in vedas slokas written much before it was invented/ discovered. Have you heard that the distance of the sun is precisely there in a sloka.. I’m not able to point out which one.

    And point 3.. I had the same question and I had read articles that wine was used for the anaesthesia effect and a few herbs .. so a hangover made the man bear the pain 🥂🥂cheers to that 😅

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