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Being Me

It is a known fact
Its a burden being a woman
She has to conceal her pain
As she is a woman

She is a bud, a garden
A legacy of sacrifice
Ethereal and mustical
A chaff hidden in rice

She is a view, a mirror
Our holy Gita
Suppressed and blocked
She is a Draupadi, A Sita

The world of man
Has made her a satire
Lost her in a game of dice sometime
Or made her go through an ordeal of fire

Be it a state of morality
Or one of moral decay
She has to take the blame
She hesitates to voice her thoughts
They extinguish her flame

Why must she feel afraid?
To travel alone
The darkness grows behind her
A shadow crepts around her
Her fists are closed, heartbeat rapid
She worries, scurries and does not talk
Silently, she just walks

But now a voice rings out
Loud and free
I refuse to believe its a burden being me

She has changed,
Stronger and confident
The woman of today, woman of today

33 thoughts on “Being Me

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  1. Power and strength is running though the whole poem Akshita!! I love it! Here’s to the women who don’t let anything get in their way, who are strong and fierce, who are making their path as they go.

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  2. A Bird On A Wing How
    Free Young Women
    Fly Together

    In This


    Coming So
    Free For Them
    Power In Numbers
    As They Cooperate

    With Each Other

    As Honestly
    The Roles Are

    Reversing Here

    And Women Are

    Becoming Dominant

    Strength In



    Too Through




    Come To

    Their Place Howling
    At The Moon Yet there

    Is Still The Middle
    East To Farther

    East in India

    The Pain

    I’ve Heard

    And Felt Where

    Old Men say ‘Nice
    Female’ Appraising
    A Daughter’s Worth

    By Physicality

    Alone Or





    Women With

    Inferior Minds



    As Weakness

    Yet to Understand

    What The Lion’s



    No Different

    Than A Wolf’s

    Howl on Lone

    Full Moon Nights

    Happy International
    Women’s Day Akshita

    May Freedom’s



    Keep You

    Loving Warm

    With SMiLes Now😊

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