Mistaken Fairytales

When I was a kid

They told me fairy tales

With handsome princes

And princesses with ponytails

The princes were said to be strong

Formidable and good looking too

They were also intelligent

And every good quality you could brew

The princesses were not this special

They were just beautiful

With evil parents

And injustice plentiful 

The princesses would always wait

Locked in towers or with dragons

The princes would come and fight

Rescue them, take them home in wagons

As a kid I loved it

The palace, horses and lakes

But growing up I realised

There was this big mistake

Why were the princesses,

Just mere objects of beauty?

While the princes were fortunate

And also considered mighty?

Why weren’t the princesses,

Also strong and wise?

And instead of waiting for their Prince Charming,

Rescue themselves, start their own paradise?

From long before in time

The society has looked down upon women

But actually the truth is

They are are equal to men

When I write my fairytales

They’ll be filled with dragons and goons

But the princes would be locked

And the princesses would rescue them soon

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