A letter from Online Class

Dear students,

I don’t have the energy to write a whole introduction about this letter. You have already exhausted me and all the other apps I use. So, let me just get to the point. I don’t have anyone to complain to, teachers can complain to parents, parents to teachers, ya all to your friends and vice versa but I can’t. All of those stated above will blame me instead. So, here’s where I am gonna blow out the steam.

The main topic us that: YOU DON’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!

I know writing that in bold and caps didn’t help ’cause well you don’t take me seriously anyways but I had to try. So, under that main topoc we have a few subtopics. Read them with care:


If I am to start at 10:00 am most of you wake up at 9:59 am. The steps that follow are: Logging in, Giving attendance, Going back to sleep with a static picture on. Some of you are even more foolproof. The steps for them are: Logging in, Giving attendance, Putting on a static picture, Changing display name to “Reconnecting….”, Going back to sleep. This ensures that the teacher thinks that your net is slow.


You all now have a few trusted excuses of being late or not answering. They are: Slow Net, No Internet, Power Cut In The Area, Teacher’s Voice Breaking, Unable to login, Camera Malfunctioning, Cannot hear you teacher, Mic Is Not Working and a plethora of other such excuses.


Ya’ll probably know what I am talking about, don’t ya? When the teacher asks a question the first option is the book . If that’s not available at the moment then option 2 is Google and if that has no answer then you either leave the meeting due to “net issues” or you say that the teacher’s voice is breaking.


How many of you actually have only one tab open when I am going on?! Almost none of you. Either reading blogs, playing games or chatting.

There are many other complains I have but that will make the letter too long. If you really want to read a part 2 let me know.

Your Idea Of A Joke,

Frustrated Annoyed Online Class.

Sent From: Techie Land made by Coronavirus.

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