One Year Anniversary!

It's been a year
That's so hard to believe
Since I started this small corner
Which I can call mine

Publicizing whatever I wrote
Receiving feedbacks and appreciation
Maddening myself over what to post
And how to make the content better

Yet, the most wonderful part
Was meeting so many others
Who are like me in so many ways
And learning from them

Thanks for journeying along!

It’s been an year already but it feels like I started this just yesterday. Thanks to all of you for supporting me:

Prishaa & Alekh( Who are not a bloggers but my closest friends, who have been supporting me since I started this blog)

Raghavsree @ desertflower5 ( One of my first followers who always has something positive to say)

Era @ The Hidden Soul ( A very inspiring blogger who has always supported me)

Nandika @ Queervistor ( A very sweet blogger who’s posts are awesome)

Anisha @ crazienerds ( Someone who’s always given a positive feedback and her alternative endings to my posts are a delight)

Rishika @ The Ethereal Unicorn ( Who writes such mature poetry that you’ll be mistaken about her age. She always has a positive thing to say)

Shweta @ My Random Ramblings ( Someone who’s posts are a delight to read and has always told me where I could improve)

Aashi @ Falling Upwards ( Who’s supported me throughout)

Preeths @ Offshorewritings ( A motivational poet who motivates me as well)

Bharath @ Bharath’s Banter ( The Prince of Darkness who always has something unexpected(in a good way) to say about a post)

Ishita @ Thoughts Resonate ( A poet with beautiful words who always a good word to say)

Sir@ Katiemiafredrick ( Who always shares his thoughts about my writings)

BG @ The Bold Vibe ( An inspiring and …bold person who always says whatever she thinks quite frankly)

HS @ Live Love Laugh Learn ( An incredible blogger and person who has been a constant support)

Kim @ Kimmagic ( A very talented poet who has been there to read my posts always)

Cindy @ Unique Times ( An inspiring blogger who has always supported me)

Nawazish ( A talented person who has been there to read my work always)

Nehal @ Books and Words ( The most sarcastic person I know, who always has a good word to say)

Yashita @ Cure of Boredom ( Sistahh, who’s always supported me)

Radhika ma’am @ Radhika’s Reflection ( A prolific poet who has been a constant viewer)

Ananya @ Drawing My Fantasies ( A very funny persona whose sense of humour is to die for)

Secrets @ Secret Thoughts Within ( Who’s been a constant support)

Ash @ The fictional journal( A fun person to talk to, who always praises me immensely through her comments)

Avishi @ Schreibens from Avishi ( A sweet and talented person, who has been there to read and give a feedback)

Poorwa@ poorwa’s blog ( A lifestyle blogger who has her way with words)

Vani @ Storytime with Shivani ( Whose stories are awesome!)

Riya @ Riya’s World ( Strong articles and lovely poems whose been a new addition to my followers)

TaylorAlan Piper Wild @ Tomboy’s Attic (A person brimming with excitement who has been a constant support)

Aanya @ Soaring Firebolt( Who already has two published books go check ’em out!)

SS@ The Bored Side Of The Phone ( A wonderful blogger who has been with me since long back)

Pbs @ Science-tastic ( someone who makes my chemistry concepts clearer and always has agoodword to say)

PavithraPavithra@ Introverted Bags ( A lovely writer who is a constant viewer)

Anushka@Anushka stories ( An amazing poet cum artist cum viewer!)

And YOU!

Thank you so much once again!!! *throws confetti around*


When I hold my pen

Words rain down in the open

Penning down my feelings

Leaving my heart empty and head reeling

When I am purple with rage

The angry words enclose the paper cage

When sad or gloomy

They reflect melancholy

As excitement takes over

Words on that paper, flutter

Or when I am giddy with happiness

They fill the paper with exuberance

Today the paper is empty

Nothing could better describe how I feel

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